Monday, March 31, 2014

Under Prairie Starlight...

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We must be very quiet.
We are witnessing something very rare.
Under the light of a million stars,
Out on the prairie,
The jackalopes and their queen converge nightly.
She lovingly guides them on the travels
Over sagebrush and ground-cover cacti
She even gives a little hug to those that require extra encouragement
The jackalopes are rarely seen
(Some say they don't exist, but I don't believe it.)
But this is the first time the Queen has been captured in an image.
Don't let them notice we are here...
We will just sit here counting the un-countable numbers
of stars and watch in wonder...

For those who have not seen them before, jackalopes are purported to be mythical creatures, a cross between an antelope and a jack rabbit.  They have become a symbol of popular culture in places like where I grew up in Wyoming.  First-time visitors to the area are convincingly encouraged to keep looking out for them during their travels across the prairie!  

(This is my submission for the Take a Word Collage Challenge.  The images I used in this collage are from the following sources:  Tumble Fish Studios, The Graphics Fairy and my own personal collection.)


  1. This is MAGIC Betty!
    I love these little jackalopes and their queen of stars.
    Beautiful colors and imagery!
    (I so would like a translator some times...)

  2. What a whimscal and lovely picture and here I thought I was the only one who knew about Jackalopes...this is so pretty but it still makes me laugh.

  3. Gorgeous!! And I want a jackalope for a friend ^_^

  4. Dear Sim,
    I very much appreciate your comment and I'm so glad you've come by for a visit! Have you tried Google translate? I don't think it is correct all of the time but it helps me so much when I need to translate something!

    Dear Deann,
    Oh no! In Wyoming, we are very well acquainted with them! At the airport, they sell tiny cans of "Jackalope Milk" as souvenirs!!

    Hello to you, Dear Maria-Thérèse!
    Thank you for your visit!!! I always thought they would make nice pets too! Too bad I never got to actually see one!!!


  5. What a pretty picture you created to illustrate this lovely fairy tale. I guess there aren't jackalopes in Brazil...

  6. we have jackalopes here, in bavaria they are called "wolpertinger"... mostly preserved mounted specimen looking like horned hares with wings, sometimes with duck feet... very mysterious creatures, rarely seen;)
    your artwork is gorgeous, betty, love the starry shine on it!

  7. Wonderful animals, really. Your artwork is magical and beautiful. Thanks for the info you shared us, Betty.

  8. Beautifully done. This is lovely!

  9. Oh wow, I've never even heard of jackalopes before, but I love what you have created with them here.


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