Wednesday, April 25, 2012

An Illuminated F....




framed by frame inside frame inside frame...

an illuminated Letter F...

(of course, I took the concept of "illuminated" rather literally!)

(This is for the collage challenge from Collage Obsession this week. Thank you to Marsha of Tumblefish Studios, Inka of Altered Artifacts and Josie of Charmed Memory Collage.)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

No Doubt...

After seeing this sketch by Pierre Hermé, is there any question that the best patisserie is art in its own right and that Haute Patisserie can be compared to Haute Couture?

I only wish I was going to be in France for the exhibit of the sketches he has made of some of his wonderful creations. They will be on display at three of his locations at Galeries Lafayette stores. But for those Dear Readers of The Tearoom who live in Paris or who plan to visit there by the end of the month, here is more information about the exhibit from his site:

Exhibition of Sketches
With pleasure as his only guide, PH imagine the architecture of taste, flavors, textures, and then draws his fantasies and his daring sweet on paper before giving them life. His sketches allow the transmission and reproduction of the fruit of his imagination. The designs evolve over time, encounters, discoveries and inspiration, their design is the impression left by this process.

On display at Galleries Lafayette stores in the 9eme in Paris, in Nantes and in Strasbourg from April 4 through 30.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Visit from Past Friends...

Dearest Friends,
This is my submission for this week's collage challenge at Collage Obsession. While digging through the imaginary attic at The Tearoom, I found this cabinet card of Mademoiselle Magnolia and her Baby Petunia from 1923. Oh, what a wonder it is to find these pictures of friends from such long ago! I remember Mademoiselle Magnolia best for her beautiful green eyes! Aren't they lovely?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

New in Mirabella Morello

Dearest Friends,
Do you love vintage silver? I do! And I love to mix and match pieces on the same table for a gorgeous eclectic effect!! In what seems like the never-ending supply of amazing things to sell in my vintage Etsy shop Mirabella Morello, I am beginning to list some beautiful silverplate pieces. Here are some additional images of the first two offerings:

The image above and the three below are of two lovely berry spoons, "Primrose" from 1915 and "Violet" from 1905.

Not only can these beautiful vintage spoons still be used on the table, they can also be used very creatively in your vintage vignettes. This one is holding my "Catwoman" brooch from The Gossamer Tearoom shop, also on Etsy.

The next three images are of a fork and spoon set for feeding the baby (or for when they get ready to feed themselves)! The set is in a lovely pattern from 1946 called "Queen Bess".

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Flowers at Tea

Hello Dear Friends,
I welcome you back today with a topic that is near to my heart! I just love how the scents and flavors of the flower garden can be brought to teatime! I have spoken of this before, but I follow up on some news from The Valentine Tea of this year. Just announced, the third in the new series of flavors from The House of Pierre Hermé: Jardin Secret, an original composition of rose, vanilla and clove, developed to remind one of the scent of carnations! Unfortunately, carnations are a flower which have fallen out of favor somewhat, I am certain, in part, because the ones which are grown in hothouses to be the longest lasting in cut flowers do not have the delicious scent I remember from when I was young. They were always a favorite of my mother (along with their delightful little cousins the pinks!) and I still remember their distinctive soft but spicy scent. I am very excited that M. Hermé is still inspired by them as well! This is what is written about what I am certain is a most delicious flavor combination:

The third part of this garden tour: Jardin Secret created in companionship with Jean-Michel Duriez, master perfumer at Rochas. Inspired by a floral "carnation" note borrowed from the repertory of perfumemaking, it is a sweet blend of rose, vanilla and cloves. The palate first encounters the taste of rose, which prepares it for the heady intoxication of vanilla and cloves. A trio of tastes merging into a single secret flavour.

On his site, he recommends having them with his Ispahan tea (with notes of rose, raspberry and litchi). I am reminded that my favorite tea from Pierre Hermé is the Jardin de Pierre, with notes of citrus, jasmine, rose and violet - truly hypnotic and near hallucinatory in flavor! And, the next time we are in Paris, I will be tempted by his other flower-scented tea, Envie, which carries the notes of violet and blackcurrent up to your anxiously awaiting nose on clouds of steam from your teacup!! (Teas pictured here from left to right: Ispahan, Jardin de Pierre and Envie)

and....while I was in M. Hermé's site today, I see that he does tease us so with the prospect of summer and all the delights waiting for us then! Last year, I was most remiss in not telling you about these:

But I will not miss out this year....

And who is doing the teasing now?