Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Christmas at Le Musée Trouvé...

Welcome to All Dear Friends of The Tearoom!

I am happy to say, it's time to visit the miniature museum, 
Le Musée Trouvé once again!  
This time, we are visiting just in time to celebrate Christmas there!

Welcome to Christmas at Le Musée!

Instead of decorating our own little Christmas tree, 
our ornaments are on loan this year to Le Musée Trouvé.  
You can read more about these ornaments here
in my blog post from two Christmases ago.

The only new things I have made this year are these luminaries.
I made them from the same Antique Gold cardstock that 
we made our wedding invitations from, 
so they coordinate with the gold papers 
I'd used to make the ornaments over the years.  
The luminaries are inspired by some light fixtures I saw 
inside the Lincoln Memorial, when we lived in Washington.

As you can see, Eadwig, Lion and Giraffe are taking a peek at all of
the twinkly Christmas things!

Mr. Bear and Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle have come by to take a look...

....and to have a twinkly Christmas Night Cookie or two!!

Mr. Bear is a cookie connoisseur.
He has determined that these are, indeed, 

They are the same blueberry shortbreads, 
which we had at the Sunday Luncheon on the Porch this summer
(which you can look at again here),
but these are extra-festive with icing and twinkly decorations.

At night, the museum becomes just a bit more magical...

We would like to wish you all a Very Happy Christmas!

Thank you so much for visiting with us again today!


  1. So much beauty to look at! Who needs Paris when you have your own Le Musée Trouvé?! As always, it is so wonderful to see all your favorite companions partying and enjoying themselves. I'm glad Mr. Bear and Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle were there to enjoy the twinkly shortbread! I especially love seeing the museum at night, because it does look even more magical. Thank you for letting us visit and see all of your wonderful creations!

    1. It's always a good day when you are able to come by and take a peek at what we are up to, Bill! Thank you so very much for your visit! I really do so appreciate it and I'm glad you so enjoyed what I've done here. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

      Best wishes,

  2. J'admire beaucoup le soin minutieux avec lequel tu crées ces petites scènes pleines de charmé suranné et de poésie, c'est adorable !

    1. Ton visite est très importante et spécial pour moi et ma famille de poupées et animaux, ma chère amie! Tes mots comptent beaucoup pour moi!


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