Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve at The Museum

Dearest Dear Friends of The Tearoom,
My own Dear Family of Dolls & Animals and I would like to warmly greet you with wishes for a wonderful Christmas Eve!  Whether you are joining us tonight or at a later time, we are so happy you have chosen to join us for this happy occasion!

On this Lovely Christmas Eve, we welcome you to the opening of Le Musée du Divan Rouge (The Museum of The Red Couch)!  This lovely old space of red brocade and purple velvet and tiny, twinkling lights is a warming and welcoming place in which to view a very special exhibit tonight!  The Dolls & Animals have looked forward to this event for such a long time!  For tonight, the exhibit is one of a collection of many of my own digital collages from The Blog of The Tearoom, all displayed in ornate frames!!  And we do hope you will stay and have a lovely evening tea with us all as well after!

Everyone is so happy to see you here!  Thursday has a new dress and new shoes she would love to show you (or, perhaps, you saw her preview of her new outfit here yesterday)!  Joining her here tonight are Baby Hoobert, Mr. Mookie, Teddy, Brownie McNutt, Mr. Bear, Betty Boop, Baby Adin, Bebé Agnès, Bebé Noisette, Baby Petunia, Mr. Bun-Bun and Tulip.  They are all most excited to be joined by their Paperdoll Sister Victorienne!!  What a special occasion it is for them to all be together tonight!

(As always, please click images in order to see them larger.)

The first to arrive are Thursday and Victorienne.

Days to Come

(Bebé Agnès loves this one because it reminds her of
warmer days, of sunshine and pansies...)


(Victorienne loves this picture of her Grandmother,
who now lives in Heaven.)

Violette & Victorienne

We are so happy that Bebé Noisette, Bebé Agnès and
Baby Adin could be here with us tonight!  They are
all original members of My Dear Mommy Cupcake's
Doll Family!  If you would like to know more about them,
you can read their stories here.

Joining them is Betty Boop, swaddled in speakeasy chic!

Word Salad
(This collage was one I made for a very early blog post
on The Gossamer Tearoom blog.  It was an illustration
for a poem I wrote.  You can read it here.)

Still Life with Plum

The Pansy Garden
(This is one of Betty's favorites because she loves how
happy Victorienne looks in the pansy garden!)

Teddy and Mr. Mookie are having so much fun
they can hardly stand still!

In the meanwhile, Victorienne is getting a big bear hug
from that big old softie himself, Mr. Bear!!
He gives the best hugs ever!

Balloon Vendor Two

Valentine Universe (The Universe of Love)

Balloon Vendor One

Baby Hoobert and Baby Petunia are here as well!
Such good babies they are!
So well behaved.
Their big sister Thursday keeps an eye on them,
but it's probably not necessary.
They are just quietly cooing to each other...

The Photograph
(Victorienne tells us that her favorite part of being part of
this collage was getting to pet the giant white kitty!)

(Mr. Mookie wants to know where the circus is located
where this beautiful lady performs her balancing trick!)

The Hotel Unusual
(Victorienne has just shared a secret about this interesting
hotel with Thursday.  She'll be sharing it with you soon...)

And just look who has just arrived!
It's Tulip and Mr. Bun-Bun!
We are so happy to see them here with us tonight!

The Fairy of Great Potential

Flying Fish

(Teddy hopes the next time Victorienne goes on an
adventure such as this she takes him with her!!)

The Halloween Party


Moonie Moon

As I mentioned in my recent story about Mr. Bun-Bun, many of my dear family are rescues and so they have stories they have never told to me.  Who would have known that our own Dear Brownie McNutt was a piano virtuoso!  Here he is, entertaining us with twinkly plinkly music from the toy piano!!

Plink Plink-a Plink Plink!!

And while we enjoy the lovely music, we will all enjoy a light evening tea picnic, right here in the museum!

Menu for Christmas Eve at
Le Musée du Divan Rouge

Enchanted Garden Tea Sandwiches
(baby lettuces, watercress, Persian cucumber, 
French Breakfast radishes,
goat cheese mousse with herbs on baguette)

Dark Chocolate Icebox Cookie Cake
with Vanilla Almond Buttercream Frosting

Vanilla Caramel Tea with Milk and Sugar

Teddy, Thursday and Mr. Bear are
so enjoying their sandwiches, cake and tea!

Victorienne is feeding Baby Hoobert and Baby Petunia
some cake!  What a helpful big sister she is!!

Tulip and Mr. Bun-Bun are so happy to be spending
time with their family tonight!

And here's everyone all together!
Such fun they have all had tonight!

Once again, we all thank you warmly for visiting with us tonight!  As a special treat, won't you please join us again tomorrow for a very special cooking lesson, where I will show you how I made the miniature edible foods we enjoyed here today!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


  1. This was an event extraordinaire! I can't even pick out one highlight, because there were so many! The Museum of the Red Couch should be listed among The Louvre and all the other great museums. This visit was truly one to remember!

  2. Dear Bill, I am so glad you enjoyed your visit today! I had fun working on all the little projects and hope to do more like it in the future!

    A visit from you is always a treat! Thank you!!


  3. I had to come back to tell you I enjoyed my visit so much that I decided to put a link to the museum on my blog. I don't receive as many visitors as I use to. I'm not participating in most of the digital challenges any longer. However, hopefully my few visitors will hop over to see your beautiful creations.

  4. Hi Again, Bill! Thank you so much! It makes me so happy to know that you've put the link to my blog on yours!! I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself so much!


  5. Love the collages, the red divan is a perfect back drop! The Valentine Universe and Hotel Unusual are my two favorites.

    1. Thank you so much! I greatly appreciate your taking the time to visit and comment!!


  6. C'est très agréable de passer un moment au Musée du Divan Rouge ! j'ai pris un thé avec Tulip et Mr Bun-Bun qui sont tout à fait charmants ! Nous avons un peu parlé de toutes ces belles oeuvres à découvrir dans la belle galerie. L'artiste était très occupée, ou alors elle se cachait derrière un rideau !! :-) Merci pour tous tes jolis commentaires sur mon blog, cette semaine est un peu chargée, cela va s'alléger la semaine prochaine. Bisous et cui-cui de Mr Pipiou !

    1. En tant que toujours, c'est un tel plaisir de te voir ici, ma chère amie! Je suis heureux que t'aie apprécié ton temps ici tellement! Merci beaucoup pour ton visite au musée aujourd'hui!



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