Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A New Dress for Thursday...

Greetings to you, Dear Friends of The Gossamer Tearoom,
Today, I bring to you a special surprise, the first of my very special blog posts this week!  Tomorrow night, The Doll and Animal Family have a special treat in store as they ask that you join them visiting the opening of Le Musée du Divan Rouge!  Such a fun thing to do on Christmas Eve!  And on Christmas Day, won't you please join us again for a miniature cooking lesson?

Today, I am happy to give you a preview of the lovely new dress and shoes I have made for our own Darling Thursday, just for this special event tomorrow night!

I enjoy doing lots of projects of many kinds (as you will see in my posts over the next few days) and doing hand-sewing is just one of them!  When making new dresses for my dolls, I don't use patterns.  I basically just wrap the fabric around them until I can see what style of dress I want to make, cut and sew, cut and sew, until the dress emerges!

The dress I'm showing you today is a drop-waist black velvet dress, accented with black satin, inspired by fashions of the 20's and 30's.  It is decorated with a millinery violet on the shoulder and set off with a large black taffeta bow!

(As usual, click on the images to see them larger.)

For those of you who do not know Thursday's story, 
you can read it here.
She is not perfect, but then, no one is.
I celebrate her imperfection by sewing beautiful clothes for her!
She and her paperdoll sister Victorienne are truly the super-models
of my Doll and Animal Family!!

Below is a close-up of the shoes I altered to match
Thursday's dress!  I ordered some little vintage
shoes on Etsy and then added more millinery
violets and laces made of black organza
ribbon.  I wish I had a pair to fit me!!

Don't forget to visit us again tomorrow when
The Doll and Animal Family will have a fun
Christmas Eve adventure as they attend the opening
of Le Musée du Divan Rouge!

You can see more glimpses of Thursday's new dress,
as well as meet other members of the Family
you may not have seen before!


  1. The ultimate stunning and elegant outfit! The violet touches with purple are perfect!

  2. Thank you, Bill! We are all looking forward to seeing you at the opening of the museum as well!!



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