Friday, July 17, 2009

Word Salad

Dear Friends,
Tonight I bring to you my submission to The Three Muses for their weekly challenge. Each week, they provide fantastic art prompts. I have wanted to participate in their challenges for sometime now, but just somehow never found the time. I made the time this week. I couldn't pass this one by. Some years ago, I wrote a short, rather abstract poem called Salad Poem the Second. When I saw that the prompt this week was Word Salad, I couldn't resist dropping everything to create this collage to illustrate my poem.

salad poem the second

the essence of a thousand sacred summer swallows
haunted by images of love & yesterday
soaring & shining
azure scarlet purple
they light for a moment in a tiny garden
whisper the language of perfume
to a bed of edible floral petals & wild spring greens
imagining a salad

I had so much fun creating this collage and will definitely be participating in as many challenges from The Three Muses as I can in the future!


  1. I think we're about to form a mutual admiration society. I'm the muse who loves poetry, and yours is wondrous, with illustration to match. I'm so glad you like our new challenge blog. We look forward to seeing more of your work!

  2. You have a number one fan in Bev who is our resident poet. I am so thrilled to see you here at The Three Muses. Your "salad" is exquisite and the poem is wonderful. We are so lucky that you "landed" at our door. I hope we will see a lot more or you, when you have the time.

  3. PS - I forgot to say that anyone who loves tea is hugely welcome. (Australians love their cuppa!!)

  4. We're so happy to welcome you to the Three Muses and hope you'll participate often. Your salad is delightful and your poem beautiful thank you so much for joining in.

  5. What a beautiful, gorgeous blog!!! I will be reading it all. I abolutely love your pictures and writing, so very elegant! Thank you for stopping by - I suppose we share the same passion for Laduree, it inspires us in so many diffrenet ways! This Fall I am looking forward to visiting Laduree Tea Room in London and in Paris!!!Once again, thank you for you delightful comment. :-)))

  6. Wow this is a great interpretation.
    Fantastic design. Love them.

  7. Such a delicacy~
    Food for thought~
    For my soul~
    LOVE this creation.

  8. You are nothing short of amazing with your creations.

    I am having a blast on vaca and getting into SO much trouble *giggle*

    I HAD to pop by and say hello quickly and I am glad I did so I could see this BEAUTIMOUS creation. Well done! *golf clap*


  9. Beautiful Betty, simply beautiful!

  10. Thank you to everyone who has come by to see my collage and read my poem! I am very honored by everyone's nice comments!!


  11. I love the poem and your illustration, Betty - such fun! "The language of perfume" is a beautiful use of words!

  12. I really love your poem, my kind of poetry, I am glad I followed Sharon's (at Manamoon) advice to check out your blog, as finding people who understand us and we them creates special moments and connections in our lives. Your illustration is the perfect accompaniment to your poem. Margie.

  13. PSYCHEDELIC and elegant at the same time!Interesting combo!You've chosen well- matched vintage illustrations to accompany your words..and your blog page setting makes the perfect setting for it...

  14. What a lovely collage!!! I love the poem too!


I am so very happy to read your comments!