Tuesday, March 11, 2014

We Do So Love Our Parties...

Dearest Friends,
If you have spent even just a small amount of time here at The Tearoom, you know how much I do love parties!!  Anytime we are here, gathered around a cup of tea once again, in the company of friends, is a lovely time!  So, it makes me so happy to once again this week, participate in the Linky Party at Butterfly in The Attic!  My friend Colleen has honored me by once again featuring one of my digital collage sheets from Velvet Revived, Pastel Easter, on her blog!  That's so sweet of you, Colleen and once again, I do thank you!

In the meanwhile, we are still gearing up for Easter and Springtime (in spite of it snowing again today!).  Oh well!  Isn't the point of Our Little Tearoom of The Imagination that we should have a place to go for refuge from Real Life?  I know it is my place to go when I don't want to look at life as it really is and I do hope you will feel free to visit here in the same spirit!

Our Easter and Springtime preparations today continue by creating a whole new set of pretty spring outfits for our Dear Victorienne!  She is wearing lots of sweet little dresses, perfect for chasing bunnies and chicks and picking flowers!

Wishing All Dear Friends of The Tearoom a Most Beautiful Day!!

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