Friday, May 17, 2013

And Still More New From The Gossamer Tearoom Shop...

The other day, I introduced you to the first of the new line of beautiful, fun and inspirational hand-made garlands featuring Victorienne.  Today, I'd like to introduce you to the rest...

This one is decorated in the pinks, purples and chartreuses of springtime!

Victorienne is dressed in rompers depicting this lovely time of year, plus I added a rubber-stamped and glittered image of morning glories, rubberstamped and embossed images of daffodils, tiny purple birds flitting everywhere (also stamped and hand-glittered)....

All, in between the letters spelling out "spring", stamped and embossed with pale pink embossing  powder on black!!

I don't know about you, but I can't get enough of springtime!!

Doesn't she look adorable in the reds, pinks, purples and sepias of the rose garden?

I started this garland by rubberstamping several images of roses and rosebuds
in various colors.

To some, I added embossing powder for gloss...
To others, I added some hand-coloring with 
stamp-pad ink and a q-tip...

And finally, I arranged them all together with the hand-glittered images of Victorienne
along with the letters of the word "roses", 
embossed in pale pink embossing powder on black!

I started out with more images of Victorienne,
printed on glossy light card stock and then hand-glittered them!

I added rubberstamped images like this vintage teacup
and an angel asleep in a chair.....

....a  vintage candy label and a wiggly jello....

and strung all that together between rubber-stamped
ornate letters spelling "Violet", which I also
embossed with purple glitter embossing powder!!

I am having fun making these and they are all for sale in The Gossamer Tearoom shop on Etsy!

Of course, they would be perfect for a child's room
or a children's party, but honestly,
I made them as much for the child in us all as anything else.
I think they would make the perfect addition to
art spaces of artists and children of ALL ages!!

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