Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Special Announcement...

Dearest Friends,
As the time for Halloween creeps closer and closer, so do the blog festivities planned by my friend LuLu and myself! We will be having so much fun posting especially spooky posts for your Halloween reading pleasure!

First off all, I will be having my first-ever giveaway!! Everyone who leaves a comment on the special Halloween post on October 31 will be entered to win! And what will they win, you might ask? I will be very busy between now and then making a special package of Gossamer Tearoom greeting cards, all handmade by me! I don't know about you, but even I find myself wanting to send a special card to someone and not having one I want to send! If you win this giveaway, I will send you this special package of cards to keep on hand just for when you need them! The package will contain some of the items I sell in my Etsy shop (I can't tell you which ones yet! It's a secret!), but also some new designs I have not yet produced to sell, so you will be the first one to have them! I promise you will love them all!

Second, because I love surprises, please check back next week before the event on Saturday as I will be posting the first ever Gossamer Tearoom Film Festival! Please join me for several days next week and as I promised when I opened the doors of the tearoom in January, " and white shorts will flicker before your eyes as the raspberry/rose pastry cream from your religieuse sticks to the end of your nose in a pink dot..."

(I love it when you have rose pastry cream on your nose!)


  1. I can't wait for the party and the film festival! This is going to be wonderful!

    Is a religieuse like a profiterole?


  2. Dear Friend LuLu,
    We will make the day extra special, won't we?

    A religieuse is only about a MILLION times better!!! Go here to read my post for Valentine's Day, where they were one of my virtual treats for the day!:

    Happy evening!



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