Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Linky Party and A New Addition to the Family...

Hello Dear Friends,
Happy Saturday to you!
Once again, I'm participating in a linky party
on Butterfly in the Attic!
This week, I've linked my
Christmastime is Here Digital Collage Sheet,
which is also featured in the
BNS on the Pacific Postcards Team!

This is a sheet I made for last Christmas.
I'm making new ones for posting in Velvet Revived very soon!

In more news from The Tearoom,
in one of my Halloween posts, 
I promised to introduce you to the newest addition to our Dear Doll Family.  
May I introduce to you...Baby Hoobert!

Mr. V took these pictures of him shortly after he arrived!

Here he is sleeping!

And here he is in his new black velvet romper
that I made for him from a pair of old leggings!
Doesn't he look dapper!

Thursday just loves her new brother!

What a good baby he is!
We are so happy that the Etsy stork
delivered him to our house!

I repaired a couple of small tears he had
on his shoulder and very carefully cleaned his
arms and hands.  He is all fixed up now!

In my Halloween post for Miss Vanessa's blog party,
I mentioned that my Betty Boop doll had once gone to
The New York Doll Hospital, but it is now closed.
Several people made comments about this, 
saying they thought a doll hospital was a good idea
and expressing how sad that it was now gone.
It occurs to me that perhaps Mr. V and I should
start another one.

What do you all think of this idea,
Dear Friends of The Tearoom?

(Coming very soon...
pictures taken while visiting
The Little House of Sometimes...)


  1. A doll hospital? Where we could send our dolls for fixing if they were damaged? Oh that would be wonderful! I had a collection of dolls that my Grandparents had given me from all their travels all over the world but lost a lot of them in a fire. I still have a few but they are damaged from the smoke and fire and would love to be able to get them fixed.
    I love your new baby doll. He is so cute!

  2. Yes, Laura, it's something I'm seriously considering! I personally don't mind if my dolls show their age, but I know there are a lot of people who would like to have their babies look more like new! Plus, many repairs that can be done will help them to last longer and slow the ravages of time.

  3. My wife had to take one of her old dolls in to have it repaired once upon a time. I think a doll hospital is a good idea! Baby Hoobert certainly looks like he has been lovingly restored to better health. I bet he never expected to be wearing such fancy duds.

  4. Bill, thank you for your visit and your opinion! Baby Hoobert waves "Hello"!



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