Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Altered Cards and Another Trip to The Dollhouse...

Dearest Friends,
I do so love the serendipity and synchronicity which visits The Tearoom on occasion!  (Not often enough for my taste, actually!  How do you suppose you can get it to visit more?  Offer cupcakes, perhaps?).  Anyway, this week, I was VERY inspired to continue on with my dollhouse project based on the challenge offered by The Three Muses!  Their challenge was "Altered Playing Cards" and it was something that had been cooking in my head for a while in conjunction with my extra-fun dollhouse project, which I debuted here a few days ago.

I call my dollhouse project "The Little House of Sometimes" because there are a lot of things that sometimes happen in the lives of Charlotte Framboise, Evelyn Rose and their pets.  And so today, I am happy to show you the altered playing cards I made the other day and show you what happened to them when I brought them into the world of The Little House of Sometimes!

(It is a bit of a gloomy day here in the The World of The Tearoom, so I had some fun colorizing the pictures I took today!)

Here are the cards!  First, I tore and stained pieces of a vintage road atlas and added them to the corners.  Then, I rubberstamped some tiny roses and birds in shades of purple, pink and brown (I also added more colors to some of them with more stamp pad ink and a Q-tip.  That's one of my favorite altered art techniques.). Then, I added Stickes to make them twinkly! On the back side of the cards, I used more atlas pages, stained purple with chalk ink, my "Mademoiselle" stamp from a Cavallini set I have, stamped the word "Rose" in various vintage rubberstamp alphabet sets I have (I got one at a flea market once and the other my mother got for me from the toy section of the grocery store when I was little!), stamped larger roses, colored them with ink and Q-tip, added them to the cards and then finished with tiny dots of more twinkly Stickles!

I brought them to The Garden of The Dollhouse...

...and just as I suspected...

Charlotte Framboise and Evelyn Rose like to play cards 
in the garden.  (But admittedly, it does take them a while.)

(No cheating allowed, although it is hard not to
look at each other's hand!!)

Thank you so much to
for their continued creative inspiration!!


  1. Absolutely delightful!! I couldn't help smiling at the little people playing cards - gives new meaning to "poker faces". No-one would know what they were thinking.

  2. Wowser! You altered the real thing! Very fun that your dolls are playing with them.

  3. awesome and clever idea! good to have those little players!

  4. Your dolls are so cute and your playing cards so beautifully made.

  5. It makes me happy our challenge inspired you -- and the result is really special. Your little doll people playing with your "spiffed up" cards present a delightful scenario. Thanks for sharing your talents with us!


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