Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Our Halloween Trip!

Today is the day!

Our train ride and a night in a hotel!

We arrive at the train station in the middle of the night.

We are lucky that the hotel is close by, 
as the fog seems to be getting more dense by the moment.

As we walk up the driveway to the hotel, 
we pass a rather spooky looking gazebo.

Here we are at the hotel.

The front desk clerk has our reservation,
asks us to sign the guest book
and gives us our key.

The lobby is...nice.

Oh!  Hello!  I've just checked in!  Are you enjoying your stay here?

This nice bellboy seems quite efficient.
It must be fun driving that little car all around the hotel all day!

Oh, this is a rather dark stairway.
And, did you see what I have seen under the stairs?

Here we are, Number 13.

This is a lovely room!
Very opulent!

Oh Dear!
This room is obviously already...umm...occupied!

I don't think I can stay here tonight...

We will go back to the train station
and wait for the next train...

There, we will be home soon now.
What a shame it is that our outing didn't turn out how
we had planned.

I'm just happy to be away from that hotel!

Happy Hallooooooweeeeeeeen!!!!!

I'd like to thank the following nice folks for the images
I have used in my collages today.

I'd like to thank Patricia of The Old Barn Door on Etsy
and Sue of Magpie Sue on Etsy
for the great postcards they sell and which 
originally inspired me to create the collages for this post.

Next, I'd like to thank all of the talented artists
for their amazing digital collage sheets!!
How amazing was it that I had already planned
to do a Haunted Hotel post and then I discovered
their Hotel Hell series?!?!
So, specifically, I'd like to thank the following
for their amazing work which inspired me so much!

I would also like to thank
for the spirit photography collage sheet!


  1. Very neat! Happy Halloween!

  2. If it weren't for the ghosties, it might be a fun hotel to visit. A few spider webs never hurt anybody!

  3. That is one scary front desk clerk :-o
    Lovely creepy images!


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