Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Invitation of the Season...

It has arrived!  We have waited and waited and now, we have received THE Invitation of the Season!  Our Dear Friend, Our Dearest Mademoiselle Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist has invited all of us to her annual Halloween party!!   This year, it is scheduled for Saturday, October 27th.  So many things to plan!  What will we wear?  What will we eat?  Please don't worry!  I have been spending my every free moment in The Attic of My Imagination, concocting and creating...I promise our party here at The Tearoom will be spooky and fun! (Did I mention it will be spooooooky?)

If you would also like to join Vanessa's most fun Halloween blog party, please check here for the details!

I'm off to begin pulling things from old trucks and armoires.....


  1. Hello, Dear! I've come to your lovely blog from Vanessa's Halloween Party blog roll...so nice to meet you!
    I'm now following you, as well ~ ♥

  2. I hope this doesn't give you a heart attack, but my family doesn't celebrate Halloween. I do join in her yearly Mad Tea Parties, though. I might sneak by to see what's in your Attic of Your Imagination anyway. I imagine it's quite batty! :O)

  3. Dear Anne,
    I will look forward to seeing you at Vanessa's Party!

    Dear Bill,
    No worries! My Mommy's family didn't celebrate Halloween either, but she let me. I will still be very happy if you will come by and take a peek (you don't even need to leave a comment if you don't care to.) And yes, how could you have guessed it?!?! The Attic of My Imagination IS QUITE BATTY!!!


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