Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Debut....

Tonight, I debut a new line of very special cards in
The Gossamer Tearoom shop.

The first two called....

I Can See You


I Think She Heard Us

are the first in a new line of silk pillow-topped cards.
The collages are my own design,
printed on silk
(like my brooches,
also in The Tearoom shop)
and then applied to small cards.

I lovingly decorate each one
with twinkly bits of glitter for sparkle.

Inspired by a time when you could buy
big, beautiful cards, printed on padded satin...

Very special.

A beautiful idea, now re-born....
Only available here.


  1. ...a wonderful idea and a tribute to the past...with wonderful titles!

  2. Oh,my...........looks absolutely special,dear Betty!!!

    How do you doing that...???
    Wonderful ideas and I think in an reality they are simply fantastic!


  3. VERY very pretty and just the right amount of slightly... scary! And wow - silk cards?!


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