Wednesday, October 5, 2011

So Very Nice...

Dearest Friends,
I have said this before, but I would like to tell you again, I am so very pleased at how many nice people there are out there in The Blogosphere!! Small acts of kindness come your way from people you don't even know. It makes me so happy to wake up to e-mails like the convo I just read from an Etsy seller who listed one of my items from my vintage shop,Mirabella Morello in one of her Treasuries. I love Treasuries because you see your things in a totally different light when you see the other items that were selected to go along with it. It's fun, it's creative, it's free publicity (one of my favorite things) and so I am happy to blog about being featured in Sandy's Treasury. She has posted my collection of cobalt blue glass items on Facebook and in Twitter. Since I don't do either (don't ask me why, maybe because I already spend way too many hours a day on the computer!!), I'm telling all of my nice Tearoom Friends, in the hope that your will visit her too!

Now, it's back to work for me! I have so many new things to show you in The Gossamer Tearoom Shop when it re-opens tomorrow!

(Don't know why, I'm just in some sort of Bowie mood today and this is one of my favorite clips from his "Glass Spiders" Tour. By the way, check out her shoes!)


  1. Dear,dear Betty!

    You are SO right,my dear virtual friend from magic BloggerLand world............
    That´s truly amazing that around you are so much immensly talented and absolutely kindnest peoples:-)*

    I came in Blogger via beyond talented designer and incredible wonderful person- Anya Caliendo!
    And I meet here many,many newfantastic peoples!

    These blue glass looks fabulously nice,dearest Betty!!!
    I look forward to your new post,my dear friend:-)))*

    Hugs and Love to you from Amsterdam,

  2. Dear Betty,
    You always warm my heart:) Every visit with you just feels right and peaceful. Let's toast to our magical blogsphere friendship with a cup of hot earl grey tea and a little bite of a lavender scone:)

  3. Dearest Violetta,
    I am so grateful that our Dear Anya brought you to the Blogosphere so that we could all be friends!!! Very biggest hugs to you, Betty

    Dearest Janet,
    I am so very glad to have made a spot of peace for you and the rest of my Dear Friends. I would be so honored to toast our blogging friendship with Earl Grey tea and lavender scone! And how appropriate that they seem to have "blue" flavors in them!! (I don't know why I think Earl Grey is a "blue" flavor! Must be my synesthesia kicking in!!) Very biggest hugs to you too, Betty


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