Sunday, October 2, 2011

Oh Look...

A note has appeared in the window of The Gossamer Tearoom Shop:

Mademoiselle Lina tells us that being the full-time face model for this shop and the blog is hard work and it is time we all took a vacation. She says she is headed for the beaches of Transylvania (Is there a beach there? We didn’t think so either, but, then we did our research and while it is not what the rest of us think of as "beach weather", it is that time of the year for visiting Transylvania!!) I won’t be resting while she is gone. In fact, I will be burning the midnight oil to finish some beautiful new items I hope you will love...

The shop will re-open on October 6th with some exciting new finds!


  1. We all need a vacation from time to time..hope Lina enjoys the wilds of transylvania and I look forward to your return! xo

  2. Heehee, how wonderfully mysterious this sounds!!


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