Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cure for the Blues

Dearest Friends,
I must share with you a little secret...sometimes (more often than I like to admit), life just seems to be a bit too much (and not in the good way). But, I actually have a rather unusual way to counteract the effects of that fairly-common malady commonly called "The Blues". If I am able, I watch a very sweet movie called "Les Vacances de M. Hulot's" or in English "Mr. Hulot's Holiday". It never fails to cheer me up and if you have never seen it, I suggest you do so the next time you feel the need for a little pick-me-up. It is the story of the dearest, most eccentric man called Monsieur Hulot (you will fall in love with him right away), who is on vacation in a tiny sea-side town in the south of France. It is funny and sweet and you will feel as if you have been on a vacation yourself.

Ironically, Jacques Tati, who wrote and starred in this (and other classic gems, such as "Mon Oncle", another bit of cinematic sunshine) died a very sad man.

Monsieur Tati, if you can hear me wherever you are, please know how much pleasure you have brought to people and please know that the funny little song that is played over and over again in this movie is one that I hear in my head when I feel the need to escape. Thank you so much, Monsieur. Your genius made our lives so much richer.


  1. I have never seen a Jacques Tati film though of course I have heard of him and his wonderful films. I will make a note of this Betty -- for future "blues chasing" sounds like a lovely antidote!! xo

  2. I've never seen this either but I just know I would love it!!! Thank you lovely for sharing!

  3. Bonjour Betty ! je suis en train de déguster un thé à la bergamote en lisant les jolies pages du tearoom... cela me fait penser à "The Artist", avec Jean Dujardin et Bérénice Béjot, j'espère que tu pourras voir ce film bientôt, c'est magique !!


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