Saturday, October 22, 2011

Blood and Chocolate

(Before we begin, please allow me to thank the following for their wonderfully inspirational collage sheets and blogs:
Marsha of Tumblefish Studios
Karen of The Graphics Fairy
Kirsi of Itkupilli
Cristina of Asunder Ephemera and
Hollie of Holliewood Studios
And especially to My Dear Mr. V for his amazing photos of shadows and spiderwebs, which I then turned into wallpaper and tablecloths for The Tearoom. Thank you, My Love!)

Dearest Friends of The Tearoom,
Tonight, there is something so special in the air, isn't there?

I am so glad you have made your way through the fog...

I welcome you to the annual Halloween blog party, which is hosted by the brilliantly creative Mademoiselle Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist. Please be certain to visit her party, as well as the other participants in this creative gathering of souls, here in The Aether.

I have been so remiss, Dear Ones. I have hosted Teas of the Aether for you with so many types of tea and so many sweets, but I had not yet given a special tea, just for my friends who love chocolate. So, please sit, make yourself comfortable and indulge in that which is rich and dark, sweet and irresistible.

The Tearoom is simply enveloped in the scent of chocolate tonight...
It just might be Kusmi's Chocolate Tea! I imagine it must be just perfect with cream and sugar. Or a cloud of vanilla-scented whipped cream...

Our treats are from The House of Pierre Hermé, where I am happy to introduce you to his newest macaron flavor: Caraquillo. It's an intriguing mix of chocolate, coffee and anise, dark and warm. It comes to you in one of his newest macaron boxes, designed by Nicolas Vial, embellished with a lovely chocolate-colored kittykat! And please, won't you help yourself to some lovely chocolates too! (Did you notice how slick and gorgeous Monsieur Hermé's new site is? I have been sadly remiss in pointing it out to you before, so I hope you will take a moment to browse and dream now...)

Ladurée's new macaron flavor is Black Forest! They describe it thus: "Its mahogany shells contain a delicious chocolate ganache combined with cherry jam and tasty bursts of cherry-flavoured Kirsch." I'm sure this is sublime! Black Forest is one of my favorite flavor combinations!

Our special guest tonight is Mademoiselle Madeleine. She specializes in growing a particular type of flower. She developed a variation of the dragon lily, which is spectacular, but generally smells very bad! Her variation has kept the lush, beautiful color and shape, but changed the fragrance to chocolate! As you saw when you had a seat, she has gifted us with them for this very special Halloween soirée and the entire Tearoom has smelled wonderful all day! Merci Beaucoup, Mademoiselle Madeleine!

As promised, Lina shares with us tonight some of her photos from her recent trip to Transylvania!

The lovely hotel where she stayed...

And, nearby...The Chocolate Garden. Along with the marble chocolate pansies and white chocolate tulips. The very special Chocolate Dragon Lilies are growing there as well.

As you saw when she returned to The Tearoom, she had spent much time in the rays of the full moon, which gave her skin that lovely pallor...

What a lovely beach it was...All of the girls she met seemed to have their own beautiful beach cabanas.
They seemed to spend a lot of time in them during the day, but at night, they came out to play in the moonlight and surf.

The moon looked on as the beach balls bobbed in the tide....
So sweet...
But what do you think those odd sea-birds are?

Here are some lovely pictures that Lina took of her new friends that she met there at the beach...

Lina tells us that she feel very compelled to return there soon, perhaps to stay. Oh, we hope not, we would miss her so...
LINA! Why are you standing so close to me?....
You really are making me quite uncomfortable...

(To Be Continued...)


  1. Aaaaaaaaah!
    There is a vamyre in this!
    Wonderfully spooky and a mixture between tea party and halloween party - love it! :D
    You know I'm a sucker for fika.
    And also a blood sucker.

  2. Is Lina really going to return? I have a very not so good feeling about this!!! Now, if she is returning for those macaron then I don't blame her (and I'll ask her to bring some back for me too please!!!). Love the art work!!

  3. That tea sounds delicious, of course anything that has the word chocolate in it sounds delicious ;)
    Happy Holloween and Enjoy the Party! TST

  4. I had a great time visiting. Can't wait for more. Please visit me:

  5. OH! A trip to transylvania, I have never been!! How marvelous! Thank you so much for sharing a bevy of exquisite visual delightments!! How incredibly magical!!

    And the chocolate tea, the icing on the hantedfest ;)

    ♥ Vanessa {A Fanciful Twist}

  6. Ouuuu your party took me to a different world honestly!!! I love the theme with the chocolate and the vamps, delightful! Happy Halloween!

  7. All the speak of chocolate has my tummy rumbling and my mouth watering! Sumptuous!

    I love the part where she has been moonbathing...and has a lovely pallor ;)

    Thanks for having me!

  8. Okay, this is SO intriguing! LOVE your introduction of Laduree's new flavor, and your links! Thank you for a great tea. But... what is to come... ?

    bon soir

  9. heehee what a fab story :)
    Sorry it is taking me so long to get round all the parties,
    why not hop over for a spooky tale at my place :
    the more the merrier :)

  10. Oooooo a spooky teaparty. I was lured in by the wonderful descriptions and chocolaty smells then before I knew it the party took a darker turn.

    I loved it, it was a wonderful idea for a Halloween party. :-)


    Please fly by my party when you can...
    Hauntingly Yours, Lyndy >^..^<

    Princess Diana's Wedding Ring Giveaway & Haunted Halloween Party:

    P.S. This ring can be used as a Magickal Dowser...

    P.P.S. You're right about the party waiting for your beautiful mother in heaven. My mom's last words were how she actually saw her beloved ones waiting for her with smiles & out reaching arms. Blessings Always...

  12. Wonderful, spooky post - I love the idea of a chocolate garden and moon-bathing!
    I'm sorry to hear about your mother.

  13. You had me at hello with the chocolate! Very beautiful and spooky. Hope you can stop by my enchanted oven for party sweets.

  14. What a wonderfully spooky journey. I enjoyed my visit to Transylvania, and I must say that I looooooved the CHOCOLATE. YUMMMY
    Please do stop by for a cup or two of Pumpkin TEA at my MAD HALLOWEEN PARTY. We would love to have you for a visit.
    Spells and Wishes
    Wendy from Wonderland

  15. very cool party!!! love the castle!
    Happy Halloween
    lisa by the bay

  16. Dearest Friends I Know and Those I Do No Yet Know,
    Thank you so much for visiting The Tearoom. As many of you have seen, later on in the day of the Party, my mother, who had been ill for a very long time, took a very serious turn for the worst and she passed on Sunday morning.

    Your words of comfort and sympathy mean so much to me and I am beyond grateful. I will be writing to everyone individually in the next few days, but please know how much your kindness means to me.


  17. Fun post, love Kusmi Tea! I have Troika daily! I really liked seeing the Transylvania me the shivers looking at it. Thanks for the great time. Please visit for tea and treats~


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