Friday, June 17, 2011

Our Dream...

Dear Friends,
Do you love books? We do!!! I mean, we REALLY love books.

And so did my mother.

The same ones I did.


we have...


It has always been our dream to own a bookstore. I am so pleased to announce that a new bookstore is now open, in the same block as The Gossamer Tearoom and Mirabella Morello. My Dear Mr. V has opened a shop on, called VixMixx, where he is selling used books, DVDs and CDs. We are so pleased with how well it is doing so far! It is definitely still under construction, but that does not mean that we don't already have some wonderful things there! You will find it is a very eclectic collection and wide range of prices, starting from 1 cent for some paper backs (you basically only pay the postage to send them) to some very unusual and collectable art books! Won't you please come in and dig through the stacks of wonderful words and images, sights and sounds!!


  1. What a lovely venture!!! Yes, I do love books -- the stacks upon stacks in my bedroom tell the story!!! Best of luck with this, it looks great!

  2. Another fabulous store and I LOVE the name!!

    It's off to be fore me!!!

    Love to you and Two!


  3. p.s. Blogger has potty word verification on my comment was "rear"....*giggle*

    <~~~~naughty monkey!


  4. Great idea and best of luck to Mr V. Off to check it out now.
    Bonne weekend,


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