Sunday, June 5, 2011

New to Mirabella Morello

Dear Friends of The Tearoom,
I am so sorry I have been away so long, but I have so many fun things planned for you....! As usual, I am scurrying from attic to cellar, working on so many things at once! It seems that each day I find new things to sell at Mirabella Morello, my little vintage shop on Etsy! But I had so much fun taking pictures of some of the newest items that I would like to share some of the other images I caught too!

We have so many lovely flowers in our yard right now, so I gathered some of the lilacs, lilies-of-the-valley and pansies to show off some of the little vases and bottles I have for sale. The scents that surrounded me yesterday...the depth of the purple lilacs, the lighter, more honey-ed notes of the white ones, the lemon-y, chartreuse scent of the lily-of-the-valley. These scents take me back to my childhood so quickly, so easily. My mother would fill the house with lilacs she had picked from our yard and on hot summer afternoons, she would draw all the curtains in the house to try and block the summer heat. On those hot, dark summer days, the scent would nearly be stifling, but in the nicest way. And that bright scent of lilies-of-the-valley takes me to hot summer days as well. In one of the two tiny guest rooms in my Grandmother Parker's house, she had a container of talcum powder in this scent. I would sneak a sniff everytime I went in and my memories are filled with hot, stifling days in that tiny room with the faded floral wallpaper and low ceilings. I can see the bed-spread, the night lights in the headboard bookcase, only weakly illuminating the room at night and I can still smell the bright, lightly lemon scent....

And from my Grandmother Cleaveland, I think I inherited (among many other things), her love of pansies and violas! She was always fascinated with their "dear little faces", as she always said. But I must admit, I don't think to look for faces when I look at them because I am always so enchanted by their myriad of colors. Of course I love their infinite ranges of purple to blue, but also the magentas, the heliotropes, the orchids, their bright yellow accents...instant happiness.

Oh, by the way, that delicious warm vanilla color in the background of the first and fourth pictures is the wall of our new studio! It's just a sneak peek. I promise you'll get to have a full tour as soon as it's a bit more organized.


  1. Great photos and great memories!! You took me right back to my own mother would cut and bring in the lilacs and the lilies of the valley. She loved her pansies, which she called "faces" -- it must have been the "thing" at that time!! And talcum powder!! What child didn't love treating herself to the talcum powder on the elder's dressing table?!?!? I can smell it all...thank you for the scent memories! xo

  2. I like your post,my dear friend so much!
    And,oh,my absolutely touching is these colours of the flowers here:-)*

    Wish you a very pretty week,

    My warm hugs,

  3. What lovely shots! I especially adore the lily-of-the-valley...its so rare here, and its so sweet.

  4. Ah, I see beauty everywhere in this post - I adore the charm of freshly cut flowers. Pansies are so enchanting. Welcome back to blogging;-)

  5. p.s. I loved your comment about the weather 'popping'. I think ours just did that today - its all sunny and bright in the afternoon (its usually cloudy by early evening and in the morning...).


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