Friday, June 10, 2011

Burlesque Tea Review + Real Paris Adventure

Found backstage at Paris' famous Moulin Rouge:

next to one of the dressing room doors...

...a heart-shaped box of chocolates filled with luscious rose cream,

roses of a very rare chocolate and cream variety,
grown in only one greenhouse
by one especially eccentric count,

and a note:
When you are on stage, you belong to everyone.
When you are not, please say you will belong to me.....

(Inspired by the luxurious, decadent and romantic combination of roses and chocolate in Opus Oils' luxurious Burlesque Tea from their Jitterbug Perfume Parlour Tea Collection! With its combination of Congou Tea, Rose Oolong Tea, Rose Absolute Infused Premium Grade Organic Edible Rose Petals and Cocoa Nibs, it is a singularly sensuous experience. I could not have imagined that the flavors of two of the most highly recognized symbols of love and sensuality could combine in such a perfect way! This really is a brilliant combination!)

And for all Friends of The Tearoom who reside in Paris (and those who might be visiting), I have a treat for you! I have an invitation for you all from Adam of Paris Patisseries. Adam has organized an event at the patisserie Jacques Genin, in the 3rd Arrondissment. You will get to meet him and other people who will gather to buy treats and then walk to the parc de la rue Perrée to enjoy them! You can learn all about it here! We so wish we were going to be there with you, but I promised Adam I would let you all know so you could join him instead!


  1. This tea sounds heavenly!

    I am back from Texas and now trying to catch up on everyone's Blogs!

    Hope you and V have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Dreaming post.
    I don't know the motto "When you are on stage, you belong to everyone".

  3. Magical!
    And... you know... If only it were in July because I'm going then!!!

  4. Betty,

    Thanks so much for featuring our Burlesque Tea in your magically delicious post! You paint such a vivid picture I was transported to Paris ;-)!

    Hope you have a relaxing weekend!




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