Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Cream Tea Deluxe

Welcome, Dear Friends of The Tearoom,
It is so very nice to spend time with you again!! A Most Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

Won't you please have a seat? For a lot of us, it is still cold and for some of us, there's a lot of snow where you are (for others like me, a lot more!!). I have hung tapestries around the room to make it cozier for us!

And to remind us that spring is only around the corner, I have placed a fountain with a profusion of violets growing around it, in the middle of The Tearoom!

Today, we are having a traditional British cream tea (with just a few revisions of my own)!

Of course we start with lovely Devonshire scones,with clotted cream and jam. Traditionally, scones are served with either strawberry (or occasionally, raspberry) jam or lemon curd. But who can say no to a bit of Pierre Hermé's Ispahan Confiture instead, his beautifully passionate red jam made of two layers, rose-scented litchi and raspberry, which you mix upon opening the jar? What a romantic combination and entirely appropriate for our Valentine Tea, don't you think?

And we must not have a Valentine's tea that does not include some sort of macarons! Here are some very interesting ones from a patisserie in Paris called Acide. These are fraise/poivre (strawberry/pepper)! Just imagine that sweet, yet slightly hot flavor! I would definitely try these, should we find ourselves in the 17th Arr. in Paris!

From the House of Ladurée comes a religieuse griotte (sour cherry religieuse).

And you must try the Black Forest Cheesecake from the blog Tastes of Mine!

To pair with all of these beautiful red flavors of raspberry, rose, strawberry and cherry, I thought it best to have a black tea, which should also go well with the pepper in the macaron and the chocolate in the cheesecake, perhaps a Ceylon from Kusmi or an Earl Grey with Blue Flower Petals from Monsieur Hermé. Do you take yours with cream?

To end our lovely party, won't you please have some beautiful chocolates from Rococo Chocolates in London? They must be as yummy as they look. One of these must be the favorite you didn't know you had yet...

...Jasmine tea, Manjari Madagascar, lychee rose and raspberry, Irish coffee, sour cherry with dark chocolate, and Jivara marc de champagne, passionfruit and mango, crushed lemon praline with milk chocolate and these four very special flavors, invented just for this collection:

And, because I can never spoil you enough, I have added Acide in Paris and The Cake Opera of Toronto to the ever-growing list of beautiful sweets and teas to peruse in the "Tea and Sweets" links to the right!

Please keep checking back as I have many new projects coming up including the opening of my new vintage shop just down the rue d'Etsy from The Gossamer Tearoom, called Mirabella Morello and new collections of silk brooches just for spring!!

I wish you all A Most Happy Valentine's Day

For a really beautiful description of a proper cream tea, please read Nigel Slater's excellent description in The Guardian, complete with recipes for scones and plum jam.


  1. Betty, this is simply unbelievable!!! Here I am sitting here on gray, rainy Monday morning uninspired and sad and voila! - your post did the magic! I am looking forward to this Valentine's Day now.:-))) Might I add that every single image in this post is absolutely exquizite? It is like opening extravagant box of chocolates...So divine!Thank you for this wonderful experience!I am wishing you happy Valentine's Day filled with love and unexpected surprises.:-)

  2. Dear Betty, what a warm yummy welcome here :) Fabulous tea party this is ! Love all the pictures and wishing you a very happy Valentine!

  3. Happy Love Day to you and Two!
    Thank you for all the delicious goodies from the Tea Room.....if you check my purse, I am sneaking out with a few extra sweets!...*sheepish look*


  4. Oh Dear...My almond butter with rhubarb and ginger jam toast isn't tasting quite so good now...However my freshly steeped Baroness Grey with a sprinkle of lavender tea is still tasting fine...
    No cream in this one but in black tea I have a little cream and a sprinkle of sugar...
    Thank you for dropping in today Betty.

  5. Dear Betty,
    I am sorry I am late! But here I am! Thank you for this tea party with you my friend. I see the earl grey tea is still steeping:) Please pass the cream puffs and a teaspoon of sugar please~

  6. Bonjour Betty,
    Hope you and your honey had a Happy Valentine's Day. Merci for your tea invitation - how did you know I love scones with clotted cream? Love all the choclate sweets as well.
    à bientôt,

  7. c'est une fontaine de champagne ???

  8. tu connais Paris mieux que moi, je me demande ce que tu fais dans le Maine !


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