Saturday, February 5, 2011

Surprise Treats for Us!

Dearest Friends of The Tearoom,
The time of the Valentine Tea draws near....

But in searching out only the best treats for our Tea in the Aether, look what I have found! The House of Ladurée has updated their site (at least the French part, so far!). You can spend a great deal of time browsing and dreaming here (just click the package to open it!)!

There are beautiful new charts of religieuses (like the one above), macarons and even a very cute video!

This "carte" above just makes me so happy! We get to see some of the religieuses they have not pictured on the website before. Here are the flavors shown, left to right, top to bottom:
-Rose, Violet, Chocolate
-Caramel, Pistachio, Strawberry
-Sour Cherry, Orange Flower, Raspberry Anise
-Mango Caramel, Passionfruit Pineapple, Apple Cedar Lemon

Hint: (if you don't read French): Anytime you see the phrase "en savoir plus", click the link to see more information.

I am currently scurrying about The Tearoom, from attic to cellar, with multiple projects! You have The Valentine Tea to look forward to, but also, a new Etsy shop! In the meanwhile, don't forget to shop The Gossamer Tearoom shop to "ooooh" and "aaaahhh" over the new brooches to be found there!


  1. I *will* ooh and aaah; I'm already doing so with the lovely brooch you sent me!

    Last summer I had the religieuse Rose...
    A friend of mine is in Paris now for two weeks with her husband who is an artist (and there for two months) and I have a feeling she will text me from Ladurée... *sigh*

  2. I was so very happy to send it to you and I'm even happier that you love it!

    Isn't the Religieuse de Rose just heavenly? But then I see all the other flavors and wonder how I would choose!


  3. For some odd reason I am very hungry right now!!

    Looking forward to the Valentine Tea!

    Lovie Lovie,

  4. Dear Betty~
    It is so special in your sweet corner of the world! Valentine tea!
    I can't wait:)

  5. A Valentine tea party? That would be such yummy fun.

  6. Betty, I think this is such a beautiful idea - Valentine tea with al the delightful treats!:-) Is there any chance I could have a sit next to you?:-) Such a beautiful post - it put me in the mood for something chic, unusual, beautiful!!!

  7. Dear Janet, Kelly and Anya,
    I will be so happy to welcome you! And of course, Miss Anya, you may sit next to me!



  8. Desolee pour les prochains visiteurs, je les ai toutes mangées !


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