Monday, February 28, 2011

Or Perhaps Something Else?

For those who are not fans of
the blood-orange's brand of creepy sunshine,
I will be happy to share with you some cookies
I received in my in-box this morning
from our friend Monsieur Pierre Hermé!

(The first thing to know is that a sablé is a beautiful butter cookie,
topped in sugar to resemble the sablé, or sand)

May I offer you...

Sablés Infiniment Chocolat
(Infinite Chocolate Sablé)

Sablés Citron
(Lemon Sablé)

Sablés Diamante Vanille
(Diamond Vanilla Sablé)

Sablés Florentins
(sablée dough, garnished with chestnut-blossom honey,
orange confit and slivered almonds)

(Glazed flakey pastry, twisted, crusty and caramelized with sugar.
"A greediness to nibble constantly all day.", to quote him!
Who are we to refuse?)

If you are wandering by his shops,
he offers them in the Coffret Croquant (The Crunching Box)
Coffret Craquant (The Cracking Box).
"Miam", as one would say!

And now for your tea to go with them....

Wishing you a warm and delicious day!


  1. Please don't worry about leaving or not leaving comments!
    It happens to me often that I want to relax a little, but are simply emptied of words when I visit blog friends.
    (My comment today was not very "brainy" either. *giggles*
    Just wanted to let you know I had been here.)

  2. Oh, it looks delightful!!! Betty I can sit here and be a very greedy guest. I love sweets in any shape and form. :-)))


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