Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Look Who Is On His Way To Paris!

My very Dear Friend Marie-France in Paris
has been my first customer in my new shop,

Mirabella Morello!

So, as of today, Sweet Little Him, is on his way to our favorite place in the world!
We tried to fit into the box with him,
but it just didn't work!
How very sad!

There are so many more sweet things just waiting to come to you from my new shop! Please click the link above or the new banner in the right hand column to get there! I have just added this new banner and also one that takes you to The Gossamer Tearoom shop. Please, feel free to post these banners if you would like! I just love making new friends! And keep checking back! I am posting new items everyday!

Since we were not able to leave for Paris today *sniff, sniff*,
we will be continuing to practice our French:

(This video comes to us from "French Essence", the beautiful blog by Vicki Archer. Her "Daily Click" can make your day so happy!)

Keep checking back for more news on a new collection of my beautiful silk brooches!

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