Friday, January 21, 2011

Very, VERY Late...

Dearest Friends of The Tearoom,
I do so hope you remember The Midnight Carnival you attended here in October. Well, a few days later, this poor thing wandered into the festivities quite late. However, he was forgiven because of his cuteness. We now have a VERY tardy participant, Monsieur Bruno, the Amazing Neon Tattoo-ed Man! He had wandered this way because of Mr. Rick, one of the new contributors to Kirsi's extra fun collage challenge, Collage Obsession. M. Bruno is my submission to The Carnivale Pazzo (Crazy Carnival), Rick's first challenge for us.

In the future, I will be expecting a bit of promptness and decorum when it comes to the events held at The Tearoom!

Very naughty indeed.

(I do believe he already has eyes for Mademoiselle Absynthia, who sells beautiful treats at The Carnival! But his heart is still mending from a torrid affair with our very own Mademoiselle Lina, as you can still see the tattoo he bears of her lovely face! Such scandal!)

Images for Monsieur Bruno: Original image from Rick from Collage Obsession, black roses from Kirsi of Itkupilli, Lina from Keeper of the Nest, top hat from Karen of The Graphics Fairy and "Blue Moon" and backgrounds from Marsha of Tumblefish Studios.


  1. OMG Betty... ! weird... I will write to you very soon ! and please don't worry, it's ok, bisous bisous

  2. Never too late for an entry like it!!

  3. You made Mario/Luigi feel beautiful if bizarre and I'm sure he loves transmorphing into BRUNO the black flower man-great job and better late than too late

  4. I think I just had a mini stroke :-))) What a great image, so haunting and strange and dark and full of beauty!!! I think this man was my husband in my previous life.:-)


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