Sunday, October 24, 2010

Where Have You Been, My Deer?

This dear (deer?) creature is late for the Carnival. He is very sorry but he has a good excuse. During the creation of the Carnival, he was rattling around in my imagination, as part of the Menagerie. It wasn't until after the Carnival that I found the exactly perfect image I needed to make him come to life from The Magical Karen of The Graphics Fairy!! She always has such great images!!! And it is like Christmas everyday when you look at her blog because all of her images are free! Thank you, Karen!!

So, won't you please offer him a handful of raspberries to show him that his tardiness is forgiven?

(Both deer and hand with raspberries images from The Graphics Fairy.)


  1. Oh, YES!YES! of course, he is forgiven, what a beautiful creature. :-))) I hope he will agree to share a cup of tea with me. :-))) He is extrordinary!
    Dear Betty, thank you for the link to Dita's new outfit. I think she is divine. I admire the fact that she created her own style and does all her make up and hair by herself. I, of course, would love to create special hat for Dita some day, but I know that her loyalty is to Stephen Jones. :-))) With regards to her shoes she is wearing in the picture, I know they cost over $5,000 and I would simply be afraid to even breath around them, mmuch less to wear them!:-)))

  2. Oh, beyond fabulous is these creation,dear Betty:-)*

    Looks absolutely breathtaking nice,

    Many husga nd Love to you,my dear friend,

  3. Oh ! c'est très très joli, Betty ! tu as rendu ce cerf magique et éternel, plein de poésie !


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