Friday, September 18, 2009

Aren’t They Divine?

Dear Friends,
Recently, a new line of pastries was unveiled at The House of Pierre Hermé. He announced a whole range of millefeuilles, based on his fetish flavors. In case you are scurrying to look it up on Epicurious, millefeuille is a dessert made of layers of puff pastry between layers of flavored custard or fruit. The literal meaning of the word “millefeuille” in French means “a thousand leaves”, a reference to the many tiny layers of the pastry.

Puff pastry is one of the more complicated items to make in a patisserie and because it is somewhat tedious and time-consuming to make, very good puff pastry is difficult to find. A dough is made and is rolled out until the layers are nearly paper thin. The surface of the dough is dotted with butter and then another layer is added. This process is repeated several times. Then, the dough is folded over and more butter is dotted where it will be folded. It is chilled for a brief time and then rolled out. Then, more butter is dotted, then there is more folding and rolling out. The chilling, and then folding and rolling out process happens several more times before it is ready. When the puff pastry is cooked, the heat of the oven causes the butter to expand and cook the layers, but also to add air between them in pockets, resulting in the super-thin layers and layers of crunchy dough that make up the delicious puff pastry!

And now, I have made you wait long enough! As usual, I will attempt to translate Monsieur Hermé’s deliciously purple prose!:

Millefeuille Ispahan
(Caramelized puff pastry, rose-flavored mascarpone cream, compote of raspberry and morsels of litchi)

The dream pastry? A Provocation? Fruity notes, rounded by the tart sweetness of the rose, the crispness of pastry and caramel creaminess of the mascarpone cream together for the best of indulgence.

Millefeuille Montebello
(Pistachio puff pastry, pistachio-flavored mascarpone cream with bits of raspberry, compote of strawberry)

Between two layers of delicate puff pastry with caramelized pistachio, the roundness of the mascarpone cream with pistachio bursts with tangy raspberry and strawberry compote. A millefeuille of pure light.

Millefeuille Eden
(Caramelized puff pastry, white peach-flavored mascarpone cream with saffron, compote of white peaches and luscious apricots)

Between two layers of caramelized puff pastry, the combination of peach in agreement with the apricot expresses all its softness, warmth and sensuality in a way that is creamy and tangy with a touch of acidity. The subtle touch of saffron - a valuable Eastern spice - gives an effect which is buttery, sensuous, and adds a surprisingly compatible note. The millefeuille of summer.

Millefeuille Mogodor
(Passionfruit puff pastry, milk chocolate chantilly cream with passionfruit, compote of passionfruit, roasted and caramelized pineapple)

The lightness of the whipped cream. The crispness of the pastry. The tart and fruity notes softened by the sweet roundness of milk chocolate ... An outrageous indulgence.

Millefeuille Carrément Chocolat
(Caramelized puff pastry, mascarpone cream with chcolate, bits of bittersweet fleur de sel chocolate)

The millefeuille plays first on the buttery side, with light, sweet and crunchy puff pastry. Then comes caramelized contrast and powerful mascarpone cream with chocolate chips. The ultimate pleasure for fans of intense bitter chocolate.

2000 Leaves
(Caramelized puff pastry, Piedmont hazelnut praline puff pastry, praline mousse)

The 2000 Leaves plays with harmonious textures. Soft cream with praline mousseline. Crispy puff pastry and caramel praline with thin crepes like broken Breton lace give it its unique flakiness. Sublimely delicious.

Millefeuille Infinite Vanilla
(Caramelized puff pastry, mascarpone cream with vanilla)

Vanilla in its purest form. The contrast of textures. Crispy puff pastry, the creaminess of mascarpone cream. Infinitely delicious. Infinite Vanilla is made from a blend of different varieties of vanilla (Mexico, Tahiti, Madagascar). This “House” vanilla reinstates the ideal taste of vanilla to Pierre Hermé.


  1. Oh My really did a fantastic job with this posting. These desserts look sinful and totally heavenly!

    Well done post my dear!


  2. I will be in Paris next month... I will try one of every flavor for you:) and me of course...

  3. LuLu, Thank you so much, as always, my dear friend!

    Janet, I am soooo jealous of you! I actually have a couple of recommendations for you. Please go to my favorite tearoom Thé Cool on the Rue de Médici across from the Luxembourg Gardens. It is so cute and so "Marie Antoinette"! I think you will love it! Also, there is an adorable card store called Moeti on the Rue Dauphine in the 6th. Please have fun (as if you would need to be told to have fun there!).



  4. Oh my, these are just too magnificent!!

  5. A truly delicious post. I am having a cup of tea and I so wish I could have one of each of the above. Darling, I came by to you a lovely and sunny weekend.

    Love & Hugs

  6. WOW ! Madagascan vanillia is definately the best flavour


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