Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Montebello Mystery. . .

Today I come to you with a mystery...
A few days ago, I received an e-mail from the House of Pierre Hermé reminding us of his fetish flavor for spring, Montebello. To quote, it is “...An alliance of pistachio and strawberry for a very springtime pleasure.” Now, even though we didn’t try anything made with this flavor combination, it holds a special place in my heart because as we were lined up outside of the shop on the Rue Bonaparte last spring, items of this flavor were featured in the window display. But to my recollection, this flavor combination was raspberry and pistachio, not strawberry and pistachio. So, I had to do my research and as I did, realized that some of the Montebello items are made with raspberries and some with strawberries! I wonder why this is?

Montebello items made with raspberries:
Pâte de fruits
Surprise Montebello
Cake (the French use the word “cake” to mean something like our pound cake. It is something to be used as a “gouter” or snack and not to be mistaken for a “gâteau”, which would be a pastry to be served as an elegant ending to a meal.)

Montebello items made with strawberries:
Miss Gla’Gla & Glace (more about these later!)

And. . .
The one Montebello item made with both strawberries and raspberries is the Millefeuille!

I think this matter might require more research! It would be a shame if we had to return to Paris just to gather the relevant evidence required to close this case!

And in other Gossamer Tearoom news, the spoons have found their home (please see this post). Click here for this newest, beautiful, can't-live-without item from the gift shop aka the Etsy shop!


  1. You are the expert! What ever it is, it all sounds so French and fabulous! I love the flower flavors, like, Laduree's lily of the valley~

  2. After reading this, I need some sweets!

    I am thrilled you loved your little bit of Paris I sent your way!

    I am off to peek at the spoons!



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