Sunday, February 15, 2015

Steampunk Blossoms

Hello Dear Friends!
Today's collage is for the challenge at Take A Word, where the prompt this week was "Steampunk".  I decided to make a bouquet of steampunk blossoms!  I'm a bit obsessed with all things springtime right now, so, since we are weeks and weeks away from seeing anything bloom here in The Land of The Tearoom, I have created some blooms myself!

Now it's back to my book project!  We're snowed in again for the I-don't-know-how-many-times-now and so I've just been working on creative projects to chase away the potential bouts of cabin fever!

(Images used in my collage today from Cemerony on Etsy, Tumble Fish Studios and itKuPiLLi on Mischief Circus, my own personal collection and the ink bottle was from Google.)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Adventure Time Again for Victorienne...

Hello to you, Dearest Friends of The Tearoom!

Tonight, our very adventuresome little girl Victorienne is off on yet another adventure!  And this time, the idea for her adventure has come not from me, but from her Daddy, Mr. V!  Having her swinging on a swing suspended by balloons was entirely his idea and I was more than happy to bring his idea to life!  Our little girl is dressed warmly in her snowsuit and mittens and is having fun swinging in the air over Paris, her favorite place!  So, this is OUR submission for The Three Muses Collage Challenge this week, whose prompt was "Balloons".

The images I used in this collage came from Tumble Fish Studios and my own personal collection!

I have been having a fun time the last few days working on some of the elements for the illustrations for the book I am working on.  Late last summer, I painted some watercolor stripes on some old dictionary pages.  I scanned them in and stored them in the memory stick I am using for the book.  This week, I opened those files again, stained them with some more colors in Photoshop, digitally added some slightly torn edges and now, we have some wallpaper for the hotel where Victorienne and Purple Kitty will find themselves in the course of the story!  

Wishing everyone a lovely day!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

It's Magical...

Happy Sunday to you, Dear Friends of The Tearoom!

This Magic Love Potion Machine collage is one I made for two collage challenges this week:  the challenge at Collage Obsession, where the prompt is "Love" and for Take A Word, where the prompt is "Be My Valentine".  I had fun making it and used images from itKuPiLLi Imagenarium and Tumble Fish Studios (both from Mischief Circus) and from my own personal collection.  

Who could possibly resist its charms, glowing purple, emitting mysterious potions, designed to inspire love in all who come in contact with it?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Colors to Cheer Us...

Hello Dear Friends of The Tearoom,
I know it is not this way everywhere, but here in The Land of The Tearoom, we have had so much snow and now are expecting even more, leaving us dreaming of springtime, hoping it is not so far away!

So, I'm happy to participate in the collage challenge at The Three Muses this week!  The prompt this week is "Frame" and this is the frame I created:

(The pieces I used for my collage today are pieces from various kits from Tumble Fish Studios and one piece from Crowabout StudioB from The Misfit Dollhouse Kit, all from Mischief Circus.)

Hooray for bright colors to help chase away our winter blues!

Sunday, February 1, 2015


Hello to you, Dear Friends of The Tearoom!

Wishing one and all a most...

And to celebrate, I am so excited to be able to participate in the Take a Word Collage Challenge today! The prompt this week was "Hearts" and I had made a collage a couple of weeks ago that I was saving especially to celebrate the gorgeous reds, pinks and purples that are so much fun to use this month!  

Created mostly from the XOXO Digital Collage Sheet Set from Tumble Fish Studios at Mischief Circus, I call it "A World of Love in Our Hearts"!

Here in the world of The Tearoom, there has been snow, snow and more snow!  All we can do is sit, bundled up, dreaming of spring, sipping our tea and keeping ourselves busy with creative ideas that take us out of our world of snow!  As I mentioned in my blog post here, I am back to working on my book project about Victorienne!  It is set in a much more temperate time of the year, so working on it is like taking a vacation to a much warmer place!  More about this project soon...

February is a special month for us!  It is my birthday month (on the 8th), it was the birthday month of my Dear Mommy Cupcake (on the 11th) and two years ago, on February 12th was when I ordered the first postcards from an Etsy seller that, through The Magic of Photoshop, became our Paperdoll Daughter Victorienne, so it is her birthday as well!

As always, the tea is waiting for you, steaming in the samovar, in front of the fire.   You are always welcome to come and visit with us here and share a cup to warm you!

Monday, January 19, 2015

I Think It Is Entirely Possible...

...that, even as a child, 
Zero dreamed of becoming a Lobby Boy
in a Grand Hotel...!

I found this little doll stashed away
in my mother's things.
He was dressed in some horrible little outfit
my mother had made for him from a sock!
So, with his big, bright eyes,
I took one look at him and thought
I could transform him into Zero The Lobby Boy
from The Grand Budapest Hotel,
one of our favorite movies of last year!

I repurposed a used pillowcase
and with a bit of thread and paint
"Et Voila!"

Mr. V very kindly took the pictures for me!

(This great .gif of Zero is from my Pinterest Board

And just so we are clear, my next project will NOT be frozen blood popsicles from our other favorite movie of last year, Only Lovers Left Alive...

But you can have fun watching Tom and Tilda as Adam and Eve enjoying theirs and having a very interesting conversation!

Oh, and in case you missed seeing Ödland live on Friday afternoon, their mini concert is here, where they performed a new electronic version of "Les Yeux de l'Oiseau":

I see they also have other installments of their "Bedroom Sessions" planned as well!

Bravo à nos amis d'Ödland!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

On This Snowy Night at The Gossamer Tearoom...

Hello Dear Friends,
Come closer to the fire and I will bring you a cup of tea to warm you...

Here at The Tearoom, we are hoping all our friends are having a wonderful New Year so far!  Ours is good here with lots of days and nights just staying in, working on projects.  Luckily, we have some fun things to look forward to, as well!

Tomorrow, Ödland, our new favorite band that we discovered last year will be performing their first live online concert!!!  Click here for more information!  They will be playing live at 8 pm Paris time , which will be 2 pm on the East Coast of the U.S.  And in case you won't be able to see the performance live, Lorenzo will be posting it to YouTube as well, to be watched later!  To whet your appetite for the concert, here's a concert they gave in Lyon a few years ago (I've posted this video before, but it's a great show!)

Here's another great video from the band for their song Østersøen from from album "Sankta Lucia":

Here's a great article about Lorenzo and his directorial partner Vincent Pianina, their video work and a Young Director's award they won for a video they made for a Gustave Doré exhibit at the Musée D'Orsay in Paris!

Also, as usual, our Paperdoll Daughter Victorienne always wants to be someplace else and we are a little less than one month away from Valentine's Day, so I designed a new digital collage sheet, which is now on sale in Velvet Revived:

This fun new banner coordinates with two sheets I designed
last year for Valentine's Day:

I am also currently working on a secret book project with Victorienne...more on that later (I'm seriously considering learning animation, in order to bring her story to life even more!)

And keep checking back as I will show photos from a small project I have been working on in honor of one of our favorite movies from last year The Grand Budapest Hotel!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Year Which Leaves Us & The Year Soon Arriving...

Dearest Friends of The Tearoom,

We wish one and all a Very Happy New Year!  

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

There Really Is No Place Like Home...

Dear Friends of The Tearoom,
Welcome and Merry Christmas to you all!  We are so happy to have you here with us on this lovely Christmas Eve!  We are still so enjoying our world here in The Tearoom after an extended time away during the Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays.  And no one is enjoying their time at home more than our Little Victorienne!  Here she is, posing in her lovely red damask Christmas dress, getting ready for some of our holiday festivities!

There is a lovely warm fire burning in the fireplace...

Little Victorienne asked if we could have a 
whole forest of Christmas trees instead of just one.
Of course!
What a lovely idea!
And she is so helpful when it comes to the decorating!

And here she is, wandering around amongst
the twinkling lights!
But then we hear the doorbell!
Victorienne, I do believe your guests have arrived!

Her new friend Cerfie Blanc is back and this time,
he has brought with him his
friend Monsieur Mignon!
They are enchanted by all of the lovely
Christmas decorations!

Here, Victorienne and her friends are enjoying
big mugs of hot cocoa!
There is plenty left in the samovar and they
would love if you would enjoy a cup
with them!

After Cerfie Blanc and Monsieur Mignon have
 left for the evening and Victorienne snuggles
into her warm bed, trying to go to sleep,
knowing that Santa will only visit once she
is asleep!

We all wish you a lovely Christmas Eve and
Christmas Day!

And we hope Santa brings you all that you wish for!

(Images from iKuPiLLi Imagenarium on
Mischief Circus, The Graphics Fairy and
my own personal collection)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Our Return to The Land of The Tearoom...

Dearest Friends,
I hope you will excuse our recent absence from The Tearoom.  Real Life called us away and we spent several weeks in Colorado visiting the family of Mr. V and our friends there.  But we have now returned and holiday preparations are in full swing!  And yours?

Today, we make a triumphant return by participating in the collage challenge at Collage Obsession!  The ladies there have given us the prompt of "Black Dress" this week.  And since Victorienne is so glad to be back in her home, having tea in front of the fire, wandering the dusty old attic looking for things to make presents and decorations from, helping us to make treats and decorate The Tearoom for guests, such as yourselves, it is only fitting that she should be allowed her other favorite indulgence, dressing up, and be featured in today's collage!

And here she is, dressed in black damask, with a very festive black rose headpiece!  She is posing with her new friend Cerfie Blanc, the white dear she found wandering in the garden of The Tearoom and invited inside!  Who would have thought deer liked tea so much!  It makes him prance all over the room and we must be careful he does not wreck the carefully-placed Christmas decorations before everyone else has had a chance to be invited in to see them. (By the way, keep checking back for your invitation to our Christmas festivities!)

Friday, October 31, 2014

The Giveaway Has...

I am so happy to announce a winner of my giveaway of a year's subscription to Romantic Paris Magazine!  The person's name who was drawn from the hat was...

Congratulations, Rachel!!!  

Didn't win, but would still love to savor every minute of this gorgeous online publication?  You can subscribe right here and you can still participate in the great buy-one-get-one free offer and send one to a friend as well!

Thank you so much to Krystal, Editor-in-Chief of Romantic Paris Magazine, for providing me the opportunity to offer this giveaway to you here at The Tearoom!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Hello to you, Dear Friends of The Tearoom!

Happy Halloween week to you all!  When asked what she would like to be for Halloween, our Dear Victorienne answered "The Captain of an airship, like the one we rode in on Christmas Eve last year!"  And, so, here she is, all ready to go out collecting candied apples and popcorn balls, while keeping a lookout for all ghosts and goblins!

Here at The Tearoom, we wish you all a very Happy Halloween!

(Images used in my collage today from ItKuPiLLi Imagenarium and Tumble Fish Studios of Mischief Circus, plus images from my own private collection)

Friday, October 24, 2014

Welcome to The Gothic Circus

Welcome, Dear Friends of The Tearoom
and Happy Halloween to you all!
And, welcome, once again, to my post for 
the wonderful Halloween Blog Party, hosted
by our Dear Friend Vanessa

This year, won't you please follow me,
as we visit a circus of long ago...

Welcome, one and all,
The Gothic Circus...

It's a cold and blustery evening
and the dry leaves rattle,
chattering as they stampede in crispy packs,
over your feet and down the road,
as we walk to the circus.

The tents glow warmly...
I look forward to getting there and having
a warm drink...

The last twinkly tinkles of music come from
the creaky old carousel...

We get our tickets from this beautiful lady
and she gives us directions to the snack tent.
The scent of caramel corn
hazelnut hot chocolate
lead us there...

Thank you, Miss, for showing us to our seats!
How welcoming all of that plush purple
velvet looks!

This is Madame Bellagia, trainer of bats!
As they swoop and flutter their way
through the hoop, their flight in intricate patterns...

Bobo The Juggling Wonder entertains us
by juggling the strangest pieces of fruit
we have ever seen!
Oh!  How they do stare at us!

Madame Violettina, 
the trainer of The Rare Flying Tyger Saffron,
whispers her polite requests to him
and in return,
he politely complies.
The tiny Princess Peony holds the curtain,
fascinated by it all.

Zizzou and Bizzou,
the zebra twins,
and captivating the audience!

And here is Zizzou once again,
showing us more of his balancing skills!

Mademoiselle Octoberella has a special talent,
training the wild and exotic
Pumpkin Moths.
They listen to only her direction.

The clowns,
Monsieur Intelligentsia,
and The Sisters Rougette and Bleuette
(who are triplets, sister of Madame Violettina),
perform mysterious feats of conjuring...

Mademoiselle Coco, trainer of her
famous Circus Insecta.
What most find creepy and crawly,
she finds adorable.
At night, she tucks them all into tiny,
bug-sized beds.

As we walk away from the Circus,
into the cold, blustery night,
we hope it will stay long enough
so we can come back and visit
once again...

Wishing one and all
A Most Happy Halloween!
Won't you please go visit our lovely
hostess Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist
and the other participants as well?

And just as a reminder,
don't forget to sign up for my giveaway
to win a subscription to
The winner will be announced on
October 30th!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I Don't Want to Grow Up Class - Week Four

Hello Dear Friends!
We have arrived at that time once again: the final week of one of my friend Bill's fun classes.  This was the last week of his "I Don't Want to Grow Up" Class on his Purple Moose Heart Art site.  I'm sad that it will be over, but once again, I had a lot of fun.  And if you haven't yet taken the class, the fun has yet to begin for you!  You can still sign up and take the classes anytime by going to his site here!

For the final week, Bill talked about graffiti as a positive art form and provided us with pdf files of images of brick walls we could create our own legal and safe forms of graffiti.  I thought it was a very interesting topic and it brought me back to my years in Washington.  Obviously, there were some not-so-positive examples of this in the form of tagging, etc.  But there were some very interesting and artfully-done murals on some walls that I thought added a lot to the visual landscape of the city.

Here is my attempt at graffiti (obviously practiced on one of Bill's images from the class and accomplished without worry of being arrested, sitting at my diningroom table!)

I started out with the word "Create" and added some vines, large leaves and a flame-colored flower, keeping in mind the tropical flowers and plants I loved (and miss) so much in Washington.

Be certain to visit The Tearoom again on Saturday for our post for the Halloween Blog Party at A Fanciful Twist and on Thursday the 30th for the announcement of the winner of the giveaway of a free year's subscription to Romantic Paris Magazine!  If you haven't yet done so, you can leave a comment to be entered here!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

All the Rage...

Good Evening, Dear Friends of The Tearoom!
It is our prediction that gentlemen of good taste will be sporting hats in the shapes of large cakes and bombé molds this season, worn along with dinner jackets in festive colors and designs, in the manner shown here by that famous photographer, Monsieur Fromage!

(click to see image larger)

This is my collage for the Take A Word Collage Challenge.  The prompt this week was "Masculine".

Images from ItKuPiLLi Imagenarium and Tumble Fish Studios (Mischief Circus) and my own collection.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

It Is That Time of Year, Once Again...

Dearest Friends,
As Halloween nears, I love sharing with you my favorite Halloween treats!  And this is one of the most beautiful, spookiest and one of our favorite movies to watch at this time!  I present to you, a clip from the original "Beauty and the Beast" by Jean Cocteau...

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Reminder...

Good Day to you, Dear Friends,
A quick note to you today from The Tearoom reminding you that I have such a fun giveaway going on!  Don't forget to leave a comment to be entered to win a free one-year subscription to Romantic Paris Magazine!!  It is so much fun to read and Krystal, the editor-in-chief is so very generous to offer it  to my readers!  No need to follow, favorite, anything like that, simply leave a comment here to be entered.  Don't forget to either leave your comment from your blog or leave your e-mail so I can contact you when you win (please notice I said when, not if)!  Of course, none of this information will ever be used for anything except to let you know that you will now be enjoying a whole year of this delightful online magazine!!

The winner of this fun giveaway will be announced on October 30th!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Hello Once Again, Dear Friends of The Tearoom,
The prompt was "Orange" for the challenge at the Collage Obsession Challenge this week.  

(Click to see image larger)

This is Monsieur Poisson d'Orange.
He resides at the Chateau d'Orange,
near Chambord.
He enjoys spending his days
moving about his beautiful chateau.
Is he swimming?
Is he flying?
Who can say?
All we know is that it is the time
of year when The Pumpkin Moths,
Morti, Mooli and Ming-Ming,
make their yearly visit.
They are so happy you have come
to visit them today!

(Images from my collage today come from ItKuPiLLi Imagenarium and Tumble Fish Studios from Mischief Circus and The Graphics Fairy.)

I Don't Want To Grow Up Class - Week Three

Hello Dear Friends,
In week three of his class, my friend Bill at his Purple Moose Heart Art website had challenged us to write a haiku about the kawaii painting we did for last week's class (if you haven't signed up yet, you can sign up anytime here.  The class is always open!).  This is the haiku I wrote:

And this was how it looked when I put it in my painting:

Thank you, Bill, for your tips this week for getting our minds off things we are tired of thinking about!! It is nice to be able to escape from Grown-Up Life and think like a kid again, isn't it?  (Of course, having taken many life lessons from my Mommy Cupcake,  I learned to be a worrier from her! With lots of hard work, however, I have also learned how to walk away from worries, at least for a while!  (Retreating to The World of The Tearoom helps a lot!)

And, Little Victorienne would also like to thank Mr. Bill for putting the painting of her on the home page of his Purple Moose Heart Art site!!  It was very nice of him!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

I Don't Want to Grow Up Class - Week Two

Greetings, Dear Friends!
This week, in my friend Bill's class "I Don't Want to Grow Up" at his Purple Moose Heart Art Website, he has asked us to create a Kawaii painting.  In case you didn't know, "kawaii" is a Japanese word meaning lovable, cute or adorable.  So, to encourage our inner child to come out and play, Bill asked us to make a painting with cute characters.  Of course I started out by dressing up our paperdoll daughter Victorienne as a cupcake with a teacup on her head as a hat!

(click to see the image larger)

I painted the back ground in a swirl of red, purple and white, making shades of lavender, mauve and pink.

I then sifted through some of my boxes of bits and bobs in the attic of The Tearoom and found some stickers I had ferreted away...the macaron stickers and the "Miso Pretty" stickers from a stationery set were from Paper Source when I worked there in Washington, and the shiny rabbit stickers were from a shop in Georgetown.

I then added Stickles in different colors (of course!)

Thank you, Bill, for your fun class!   My inner little kid is having a lot of fun!  Would you like to play along?  The class can be viewed anytime, so you can sign up here and do the exercises in your own time!  I highly recommend it!