Saturday, October 7, 2017

Drawlloween Week One

Hello There, Dear Friends of The Gossamer Tearoom,
We can hardly believe that summer is over, looking out of our windows and seeing more and more oranges, reds and yellows, instead of summertime greens.  Fall is not our favorite time of year here, as it heralds the long and dark wintertime, but the one thing that brings happiness to our world is the planning for Halloween!

This year, I have two big projects going at once, trying to keep myself immersed in the distractive power of art!

First of all, I am again participating in Mab Graves' Drawlloween Club Challenge!  I don't make time to draw like I did when I was in my late teens and early twenties, so I look forward to this challenge to have an excuse to take up my drawing once again.  Mab's prompts are always so fun (and some are really quite a challenge, you know!)

And so, here is the first week of my drawings!



(My favorite of my drawings so far.
Ssshhh!  Don't tell the others!)


Grim Reaper

Black Lagoon


And the other project in the works is the extra-special, extra fun Halloween Teeny Tea, called "The Bat's Meow"!!!  I can hardly wait for this one and so, little by little, in between drawings and everything else, I'm getting ready for this as well!  Whew!  So much fun all at once!  I've been busy making decorations for this party, which you can see here on my Instagram.  Speaking of which, you can keep up with my Drawlloween drawings everyday there too!

Keep checking back for more info on more drawings, as well as the extra-spooky tea!!


  1. So glad you're drawing again! All of your drawings put a smile on my face. :-)

    1. Thank you, Bill! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your taking a peek and commenting. I know that Halloween is not your holiday, so I am grateful for your input, as always!

      Wishing you a lovely day,

  2. Oh ! it's so adorable, Betty, you are really talented to tell stories to kids ! your inside child is moving and makes the day of my own inside child !

    1. Hello Again Dear Friend,
      So glad my Halloween spirit is inspiring you!!



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