Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Etiquette for Dolls and Toys by Mr. Bear...

Hello Again Dear Friends!

The time for the very first Teeny Tea draws near!  There is much excitement from the Doll and Animal Family, but there is also a bit of brushing up on their etiquette for such a momentous occasion!

For those of you who do not know Mr. Bear, he is a long-time member of the Family.  He was another flea-market rescue, but has been with me so long he doesn't quite remember where he came from and occasionally speaks about when he was a "bear of the woods".  We are not sure when he thinks he lived in the woods, but we are entirely too polite to point out to him that this story may or may not be true!

Nonetheless, he has been a faithful companion to me for many years and I know him to be a bear of unfailingly good manners.  Therefore, I feel entirely comfortable leaving you in his hands (or paws, as it were) for a few small points in etiquette, specifically as it pertains to Dolls and Toys.

-First of all, we follow a Frienditarian diet.  This means, as Mr. Bear tells me (most earnestly, I must add),  "We must not bite anything which might be a friend."  Creatures that could be thought of as possible friends are not acceptable foods for tea.  Tea sandwiches must not be made of meat, fish or fowl of any kind, nor egg, as they are the babies of Mrs. Chicken (tragic!), however, cheese and cream are always welcome, as Mrs. Cow and Mrs. Goat very graciously provide their milk for these items and we enjoy them gratefully.*

*(Admittedly and most regrettably, the occasional egg is used in baking, but we do not discuss it, as it makes The Family quite sad.)

-Using only a spoon at the table is perfectly acceptable, but generally only for the stirring of tea (unless the day is cold and soup has been served).  The use of hands and paws for picking up food is not only acceptable, but preferable.  Napkin use is not unheard of in Doll and Toy circles, however, discrete licking of small sticky or crunchy bits from paws and hands following a meal shows an appreciation for the food served.

-The concept of high shabbiness is desired.  In the same way that the Dolls and Animals value the look of being a bit shabby as evidence of having been much loved, their rules of table etiquette follow the same rules.  Dishes and tableware do not need to match, nor be in perfectly new condition.  Items which look charming together are preferred to all perfectly matching table items.  Dishes, flatware and other tabletop items are valued for their history and their ability to still be used in spite of their age.  Chips and flaws are valued attributes at the Doll and Animal table.

-The offering of a food item from one's plate is a demonstration of respect and even, admiration.

-Even numbers of guests at the table and alternating of male and female party guests are considered to be unnecessary restrictions in Doll and Toy table etiquette.  All members are welcome and more guests just results in more fun for us all!

Please come back and visit with us soon, as this is just the first post pertaining to the upcoming Red & Black Teeny Tea!  As always, there will be posts on Twitter and Instagram as well, so please consider following along there too!


  1. What a delightful tea! I feel a great kinship for Mr. Bear and his kind heart. I felt filled up with tea and friendship.

    1. Thank you, Lynda! Mr. Bear is a very special member of The Doll & Animal Family! He was one of my flea market rescues and he has repaid me by being my Service Bear to hug when coughing, sneezing and sleeping, following my open-heart surgery. What would I have done without him? He and I do hope you will come back and visit when we have our tea!

      Best wishes,

  2. Phew! When I saw this post I thought I was late for the party. Fortunately, Mr. Bear assured me that wasn't the case. It does sound like it will be a most wonderful time! I think I will bring my happy find of a small leather purple pig when the day arrives. He and Mr. Bear should get along famously. Purple Pig tends to be a messy eater, but he always shares. Oh oh. I'm afraid I must run. The dogs are making a commotion, and I must see what it going on. Can't wait for the tea party!

    1. Hello Bill!
      Oh no, you are never too late to any party here at The Tearoom! Mr. Bear and I will be so very happy to see you and meet your friend Purple Pig! We can't wait for the tea either!



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