Thursday, November 17, 2016

What's New In The Tearoom...

Hello Dear Friends,
After having finished drawings for everyday in October for Mab Graves' Drawlloween Club Challenge, I decided to celebrate by ordering some very cool stickers from her Etsy shop!  Her assistant Darcy sent them along very quickly and efficiently and when they arrived, Dear Mr. V took some pictures of them!

I'm not sure what I will be using these great
stickers for, but I'll hold onto them for use
with a special project.

One of my recent projects was making a warm
winter outfit for little Hyacinthe, the newest
member of The Doll & Animal Family!

We were able to see the whole outfit when
we caught her napping and snapped a picture!

And here she is after waking!

I had so much fun doing my hand-sewing once
again!  I might start on another project like
it right away!  Her dear sister Thursday
has told me for so long that she would like
a deer costume!

(Thank you once again, Liz!)

As always, please keep checking back for
updates on what I am working on next...


  1. From the looks of the food stickers, I definitely don't think they're meant for eating. Well that's obvious. You don't eat stickers! But I'm sure it would guarantee an upset stomach based on their devious looks.

    Hyacinthe, on the other hand, looks quite lovely in her new finery. I think she will be quite warm despite the snow that appears to be headed your way. You might get some hot tea ready for all of your wonderful dolls as it will be the perfect time for a tea party. :-)

    1. Hello Bill!
      I think you're right about the food stickers! They look quite upset already! I think that biting them more would just create more ruckus amongst them!

      As for Hyacinthe, she is so happy that you like her new winter clothing! And what a grand idea about the tea! Our minds our working alike once again! I have just ordered some more little vintage plates for the Dolls and Animals to eat their tea-time treats from!

      Take care of yourself in the upcoming snow, Bill!



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