Sunday, October 16, 2016

Drawing and Inspiration (Part 2)

Hello and Happy Sunday Again to you, My Dear Friends!

Welcome to the second week of catching up with my drawings for Mab Graves' Drawlloween Club.

As I wrote in my last post her at The Tearoom Blog, I'm doing her challenge by making a drawing based on her prompt for each day of the month!  Whew!  I haven't drawn this much in a long, long time, but I'm still having fun!

When you are creating, do you like to watch something on TV or listen to music, perhaps?  This week, I'm including a list of the movies that I have been or plan to watch while working on my spooky drawings this month.  Of course, because this is the Spookliest Month of the Year, we have our stacks of Halloween-themed movies and TV shows all lined up.  Some of them are not strictly Halloween movies, but some just have a definite "creep factor".  Here are some of them (in alphabetical order):

- 9
- Addams Family (boxed set of original series)
- Addams Family and Addams Family movies
- Attack the Block (actually set on Guy Faukes Day, but lots of scariness anyway!)
- Beauty and the Beast (original Jean Cocteau film)
- Beetlejuice
- City of Lost Children
- Corpse Bride
- Crimson Peak
- Delicatessen
- Fantastic Fear of Everything
- Frankenweenie (both the original and the animated versions)
- Hotel Splendide
- Hotel Transylvania
- Lost City
- Munsters
- Nightmare Before Christmas
- Only Lovers Left Alive
- Paranorman
- Penny Dreadful (we're watching all 3 seasons again, but I love season 1 the best!)
- Phantom Museums - The Short Films of The Quay Brothers
- Revenge of the Were-Rabbit
- Rocky Horror Picture Show
- Shadow of the Vampire
- Shawn of the Dead
- Sleepy Hollow
- Super 8
- What We Do In the Shadows

And, here are my drawings for the week!

(As always, click images to see them larger.)

To see what I have written about each piece, please check out my Instagram feed.

And please check back next week when I post my favorite musical inspirations when I'm working and my Drawlloween creations for the week!!


  1. All of your drawings bring me a smile, but I think Victorienne could have a specially good time with the Addams family characters. :-) Of course, I just wouldn't want her to get tangled up in all of that hair!

    1. I think you're right, Bill! I think Victorienne could have so much fun wandering around the Addams Family house with Wednesday! They could go see Cousin Itt in his room, dance to Lurch playing the harpsichord, have tea that Grandmama had made! Did you just inspire a blog post, here at The Tearoom????

      As always, so glad to have you drop by and give your thoughts!



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