Sunday, October 9, 2016

Drawing and Inspiration (Part 1)...

Hello to you, Dear Friends and Welcome to The Spookliest Month of the Year!

Some of my blogging friends celebrate Halloween and some do not.  For those who do, I hope you will find yourself suitably spookily inspired!  And for those who don't I would still encourage you to at least read the interview I've linked below.  I just love a lot of what Mab Graves had to say there about inspiration and the origins of creativity!

This year is the first year I have decided to do something a bit different with my October, creatively. This month, I am participating in Mab Graves' Drawlloween Club!

Mab provides us with the prompt for each day's drawing!  So many fun Halloween topics to draw!  She's such an inspiration!  I've followed her on Etsy for a long time and now I follow her on Twitter and Instagram as well.  

Here's a link to a great interview with Mab in Beautiful Bizarre Magazine from May of this year (very inspirational)!

And in my on-going quest to actually use all of the beautiful things I have managed to accumulate in my world, I am using a very special notebook for my Drawlloween drawings!  This notebook is special to me for a few different reasons.  First of all, it was a gift to me from a shop owner where Mr. V and I had shopped a couple of times.  We had bought quite a few cards from him and other items and got to chat with him.  On one of our visits, he gave me this notebook!  So super sweet!  The other thing that makes it special is that this shop was located on the rue Dauphine in Paris, just up the street from our hotel when we visited there in 2008!  But the other thing that makes it special is that this is when I discovered the work of another great artist who continues to inspire me: Nicoletta Ceccoli!  It is her illustrations which decorate this wonderful notebook I was given:

This is the front cover of the notebook...

...and this is the back!

One of my favorite of her pieces.
This image is on one of the cards I bought
from the shop in Paris!

You can find more of Nicolletta's work here!

And so, I'll be doing a weekly blog post for the month of October, showing the drawings I have done for the Drawlloween Club challenge.  I really haven't drawn everyday since art class in high school, but on the whole, I'm pretty happy with how things have turned out and I'm having lots of fun.  Here's the first nine days of work:

(As always, click to see the images larger.)

Please check back again next week for what I've done for the week or keep up day by day by going to my Twitter or Instagram feeds!


  1. Great drawings and great notebook! And a striking resemblance of Potato Goblin, to our beloved Mr. V.

  2. The Haunted Haunted looks rather ghoulish, and are you and Victor residing behind those panes of glass?

    1. Thank you so much for your comments, Mr. D and Ms. J! About the Potato Goblin comment, Mr. V says, "Fine."!!! And in answer to your question about the house, if you were to ask our neighbors, our house with the "disgraceful" over-grown bushes is much more ghoulish than my drawing!!

      Thanks again for checking in today!


  3. What a fantastic notebook! It definitely makes me think of you. All of your drawings are so cute! I really like "Mummy." She immediately makes me smile. I read the interview, but didn't really appreciate Mab until I went to her web site and saw her work. Wonderful art! I love the colors she uses. Plus, she paints dinosaurs. How can you not love dinosaurs?! :-) Thanks for sharing this wonderful post!

    1. Thank you, Bill! I was hoping you would catch on that you really needed to check her out! I really love Mab and her dino-kitties, but also that little girls are adventurers and super-brave in her art! Remind you of any other little girl in the Realm of Imagination?? I'm so glad you are liking what I'm working on this month! Thanks, as always, for your visit!



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