Monday, April 18, 2016

The Bat Babies. . .

Greetings Dear Friends!
Some of my most creative ideas sneak in the back door when I am sleeping and I hardly hear them come in until I realize I am in the middle of them.  But others come riding in, making all kinds of ruckus, on the backs of other projects.  This was the case with my new collage sheet Bat Babies & Their Garden of Gloomflowers, for my Etsy shop Velvet Revived.  As I was working on my last collage sheet The Rootababies, I was getting ideas for making some kind of bat creatures as their play-mates!

And so, today, I introduce you to their world...

(As always, click the images to see them larger.)

When the moon is full
The Garden of Gloomflowers is at its most morbidly fragrant...

Their scent attracts many creatures,
and I think I hear the quiet beating of leathery wings now...

Here comes one of the Bat Babies now, 
cute but creepy,
baby-faced creatures of The Night...

Let's get a closer look...

And, look, she is being joined by some of her sisters!

The Bat Babies and their flowers of Gloom can come
to live with you and make your art projects just a
bit gloomier by visiting my shop Velvet Revived!

All of my collage sheets, printable invitations & other
fun and decorative projects are available for
instant download, and therefore, instant gratification!

Oh, and by the way, I just finished the updating of
my shop!  I hope you like it!

I've even taken advantage of Etsy giving us more sections to
use by creating a "Digital Oddities" section for my
dark-but-fun creations!!

And now, back to the mental drawing board,
where my next dark idea is starting to pick at me...


  1. Oh my. I hope I can sleep tonight! I may see bats in my dreams!

    1. Hi Bill!!
      Oh! The Bat Babies are nothing but sweet! They only look a bit scary!

      Thank you for visiting today!


  2. So happy you have fun with your blog again! Love from Vietnam <3 Daddy Antonio and Sebastian LBT

    1. Thank you, Anthony and Sebastian! It's very fun to receive a greeting on my blog from you!!

      Wish best wishes for your day!


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