Saturday, July 11, 2015

Mad Tea Party 2015

Greetings to All Friends of The Tearoom, Old and New!  Welcome to The Mad Tea Party!  Thank you, as always to our lovely and creative host, Miss Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist!  Please make certain to visit her beautiful blog post today, as well as the other participants of this fun event.

Our Mad Tea Party today is extra special in honor of the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland!!

My contribution to the madness of The Mad Tea Party today is a bit of a sci-fi adventure with that most adventurous of little girls, Victorienne!!!  She and Purple Kitty voyage into outer space today, in order to participate in The Mad Tea Party, taking place on The Planet Tea-Tray!  But, on the way, they must stop for some important errands, so, in order to not be late, they must be on their way!

And so, our story begins... (As always, please click on the images in order to see them larger!)

Images used in my collages today:
My own personal collection


  1. Oh my. Even Dr. Who never had an adventure as exciting as this one! I finally got my wish to travel in space. It was more than I could ever dream of, especially because Victorienne and Purple Kitty were such wonderful hostesses! Thank you for the wonderful treats and the chance to see the Man in the Moon. I'm going to have to go take a nap now after all this delightful fun.

  2. Now that was a creative adventure to a tea party.

  3. Purple Kitty knows where to find all the action in the universe! I want to go!!! :-)

    Please come to my party:


  4. wow...what a magical, un-birthday did an amazing job and I can see it was a lot of work for you. I really appreciate you going to all this fancy just for us. :)
    hugs and thank you for having a cup of magical tea at my party.Come back to see me soon....

  5. oh what fun!! I wish I was the moon so I could have a yummy treat!

  6. Such an incredible adventure, I enjoyed all of the intricate details and the characters in our voyage,such gracious hosts. Oh, and the

  7. Wow. I am blown away! I love your imaginative party and post!

    Linking from A Fanciful Twist,
    Happy Mad Tea Party!
    Ricki Jill

  8. This party is so awesome and unexpected. Thank you!!!

  9. This is by far, the sweetest and most adorable Mad Tea Party yet!
    Oh! Gosh! I wish all of these digital art illustrations were put into a book! Some thing to cherish forever, a book of eye-candy!
    I was giggling and smiling the whole tea party!
    Teresa in California

  10. What a wonderful voyage, I love the Flying Dessert Garden! It was very sweet of Victorienne and Purple Kitty to cheer up the poor Moon. Thanks for giving us all a chance to fly away on a rocket ship. Cheers, Sarah

  11. Oh, what a magical voyage. Loved my visit and your creative images. Thanks!

  12. Such a wonderful and magical trip! Those treats were delicious. I'm so glad Victorienne and Purple Kitty took the time to gather them all!

    thank you for a great adventure!

  13. Merry UnBirthday! Now I want a lemon drop.
    I wasn't worried about enough treats for all. I was worried about enough fuel to get V and P.K back home!
    They do so much for so many others. So sweet.
    LOVED your party!.

  14. We really enjoyed the "Tale" and your wonderful "clip-Art"-style images ... so very well done and great in its "presentation... ( we have had over 6 years of Art School)... and not known for giving out "false" compliments...
    Great tribute to this beloved book...
    Bless you and have a pleasant day ... Stacey / "the Doctor"...

  15. Miss Betty you are utterly creative! Wow wow wow! Your art images are really special, I loved them all, truly! Works of art! So fab!! You rock! Happiest mad tea party wishes <3, Vanessa

  16. Totally love this! It was fun reading more adventures of Victorienne and Purple Kitty! See you next year!

  17. Fabulous!! I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, your party was delightful!
    Thank you for being a most gracious hostess, my Dear!

  18. Oh this was Magic! Fabulous images!
    I'm completely smitten with Purple Kitty :)

  19. A big thank you to everyone who has read the adventures of Victorienne and Purple Kitty and left such nice comments!! I do appreciate it!


  20. What a whimsical adventure! Just perfect for the 150th anniversary. I enjoyed your tea party thoroughly.

    The kettle is still on over at my place if you'd like to stop by:

  21. I had to come back and visit Victorienne in space again. You really put a lot of work into this one. Wonderful story! :-)


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