Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Adventure Time Again for Victorienne...

Hello to you, Dearest Friends of The Tearoom!

Tonight, our very adventuresome little girl Victorienne is off on yet another adventure!  And this time, the idea for her adventure has come not from me, but from her Daddy, Mr. V!  Having her swinging on a swing suspended by balloons was entirely his idea and I was more than happy to bring his idea to life!  Our little girl is dressed warmly in her snowsuit and mittens and is having fun swinging in the air over Paris, her favorite place!  So, this is OUR submission for The Three Muses Collage Challenge this week, whose prompt was "Balloons".

The images I used in this collage came from Tumble Fish Studios and my own personal collection!

I have been having a fun time the last few days working on some of the elements for the illustrations for the book I am working on.  Late last summer, I painted some watercolor stripes on some old dictionary pages.  I scanned them in and stored them in the memory stick I am using for the book.  This week, I opened those files again, stained them with some more colors in Photoshop, digitally added some slightly torn edges and now, we have some wallpaper for the hotel where Victorienne and Purple Kitty will find themselves in the course of the story!  

Wishing everyone a lovely day!


  1. Victorienne looks so happy flying over Paris. Waiting for more her adventures! Great idea Betty and Mr. V.

  2. Congrats to Mr. V. for the great idea!

  3. Ooooh, What a magnificence Betty!
    The whole image is fantastic, really.

    (Victorienne can't be more joyful... or can she?)

  4. What a journey she's just begining!

  5. She is so sweet on her fantastic and creatively made swing, well done Betty.

  6. Victorienne always has the most exciting adventures! How fun that she is swinging over Paris!

  7. Toujours aussi fofolle la petite Victorienne !


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