Thursday, January 15, 2015

On This Snowy Night at The Gossamer Tearoom...

Hello Dear Friends,
Come closer to the fire and I will bring you a cup of tea to warm you...

Here at The Tearoom, we are hoping all our friends are having a wonderful New Year so far!  Ours is good here with lots of days and nights just staying in, working on projects.  Luckily, we have some fun things to look forward to, as well!

Tomorrow, Ödland, our new favorite band that we discovered last year will be performing their first live online concert!!!  Click here for more information!  They will be playing live at 8 pm Paris time , which will be 2 pm on the East Coast of the U.S.  And in case you won't be able to see the performance live, Lorenzo will be posting it to YouTube as well, to be watched later!  To whet your appetite for the concert, here's a concert they gave in Lyon a few years ago (I've posted this video before, but it's a great show!)

Here's another great video from the band for their song Østersøen from from album "Sankta Lucia":

Here's a great article about Lorenzo and his directorial partner Vincent Pianina, their video work and a Young Director's award they won for a video they made for a Gustave Doré exhibit at the Musée D'Orsay in Paris!

Also, as usual, our Paperdoll Daughter Victorienne always wants to be someplace else and we are a little less than one month away from Valentine's Day, so I designed a new digital collage sheet, which is now on sale in Velvet Revived:

This fun new banner coordinates with two sheets I designed
last year for Valentine's Day:

I am also currently working on a secret book project with Victorienne...more on that later (I'm seriously considering learning animation, in order to bring her story to life even more!)

And keep checking back as I will show photos from a small project I have been working on in honor of one of our favorite movies from last year The Grand Budapest Hotel!


  1. I didn't get to see their concert live unfortunately. I had a doctor's appointment followed by a trip to the drugstore. It was fun watching their 10 th. anniversary program here, though! It was even shown through a purple filter! The only thing better was sharing a cup of tea with Victorienne. It sounds like she has many exciting adventures in store for us!

    I was just thinking we should start our own band. We could call it "Oldland." I bet Victor is pretty good at playing a whiskey jug. I can see you playing a pretty mean triangle with a little tea kettle on the side! I could make interesting noises through the tube of my cpap machine. (I can't sleep while wearing the mask. I need to put it to good use somehow.) Wow! I'm sure we'd be a big sensation!

    1. No worries, Bill! You know if you go back into the link I posted for more info, you can still click on the video and see their performance!

      As for the band suggestion, we will take it under consideration! You'll know we have accepted when we come by in the tour bus to pick you up!!



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