Monday, January 19, 2015

I Think It Is Entirely Possible...

...that, even as a child, 
Zero dreamed of becoming a Lobby Boy
in a Grand Hotel...!

I found this little doll stashed away
in my mother's things.
He was dressed in some horrible little outfit
my mother had made for him from a sock!
So, with his big, bright eyes,
I took one look at him and thought
I could transform him into Zero The Lobby Boy
from The Grand Budapest Hotel,
one of our favorite movies of last year!

I repurposed a used pillowcase
and with a bit of thread and paint
"Et Voila!"

Mr. V very kindly took the pictures for me!

(This great .gif of Zero is from my Pinterest Board

And just so we are clear, my next project will NOT be frozen blood popsicles from our other favorite movie of last year, Only Lovers Left Alive...

But you can have fun watching Tom and Tilda as Adam and Eve enjoying theirs and having a very interesting conversation!

Oh, and in case you missed seeing Ödland live on Friday afternoon, their mini concert is here, where they performed a new electronic version of "Les Yeux de l'Oiseau":

I see they also have other installments of their "Bedroom Sessions" planned as well!

Bravo à nos amis d'Ödland!


  1. I love Only Lovers Left Alive (and The Grand Budapest Hotel!) Tom and Tilda were wonderful!

    1. I agree, Nicole! I could watch that movie over and over again! We even own the soundtrack and play it quite often as well.


  2. Zero certainly knows how to dress! I bet he makes all kinds of money in tips! I'm going to pass on the blood popsicles, too. I'll stick to the frozen fruit ones. :-)

  3. Oh... je suis sûre que ta maman est heureuse et rit de voir comment tu as transformé sa poupée en groom du Grand Budapest Hotel ! Elle doit trouver ça adorable, c'est génial ! bisous


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