Friday, August 8, 2014

Heal Your Heart Art - Class Three

Hello to you, Dear Friends of The Tearoom,
This week, in his class Heal Your Heart With Dollar Store Art, my friend Bill of Purple Moose Heart Art talked to us about thinking of nice things to say about yourself and being a friend to yourself.  He had us fill in the blanks of a few sentences where we would compare ourselves to something positive.  In this exercise, I compared myself to a hummingbird because I am creative and colorful (at least on the inside!)  Bill also asked us to take pictures and make a zetti self-portrait.  In case you didn't know, zetti was a term coined by the great and creative digital artist Teesha Moore to describe collages where faces are made up of different parts and many times, stripes are involved in the design somewhere!  But mostly, zetti just kind of means "anything goes"!  So, in my self-portrait, I have somehow morphed into an orchid cat, but I must still be part hummingbird because I'm still creative and colorful and he must recognize me as one of his own because he doesn't seem a bit bashful about getting a bite from the blackberry I am eating!

So, here is my self-portrait for this week's class!

(click to see larger)

I will have a couple of more projects to show you from this fun class!  And by the way, even though I am coming to the end (very sadly), it is definitely not too late for you to take the class and have all of the fun I have!  So be sure and go check out Bill's extra-fun Purple Moose Heart Art site!  I can't wait for Bill's next class!!!


  1. How absolutely perfect! So much fun! I love hummingbirds, too. I tried doing one with just glitter in my Gratitude Book. I'm going to post your portrait on the Facebook page right now! :-)

  2. Hello,dearest Betty!
    How pretty and absolutely lovely is your portret:)))
    Mostly of all your eyes!!!
    Fantastic done!
    THANKYOU so very much for coming by me,dear friend and for your beautiful words:)))

    Hugs to you,


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