Saturday, May 31, 2014

Seven Years Ago Tonight...

I walked through these doors,
 into this lovely garden, 
on a very warm Washington night...

(image from Pinterest)

...and married my best friend.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Oh Hurray!!!

Dearest Dear Friends of The Tearoom!
It is a Most Special Day indeed!  Finally, Our Dear Friend Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist has announced the date for The Mad Tea Party!!  The very best things are the ones worth waiting for, after all!!!

Secretly and with much excitement, we here at The Tearoom have been busy pulling things out of attics and from behind secret bookcases, already preparing for another Extra Special Day of Great Madness!! This year, our preparations include packing a little suitcase for a Special Little Someone who is very dear to our hearts!

Won't you please mark your calendar, inform your social secretary that you will be unavailable for any other appointments on July 12th and whatever else you must do to prepare!  And, if the spirit so moves you, won't you consider joining as well?

We can't wait to see you there!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Still Wishing for Summer...

Oh Dear.  It's another rainy day here in The Land of Tearoom!!  Of course the rain is making everything a lovely shade of what Mr. V and I call "Hurt Your Eyes Green"!  Having grown up in the West, this shade of green simply did not exist in our world until we moved to the East!  But what I do miss the most about the West is the sunshine!  Over 350 days of it a year!  We could do with some sunshine here!

So, as we wait (sometimes not so patiently) for some lovely things to occur in our lives, we do what we can here in The Tearoom as well!

First, I have planted so many lovely pansies on the porch!  I'll take pictures of them soon!  We do so love having friends come to tea on the porch in the summertime!

Next, I have re-arranged my Pinterest boards around so that my Summer board and the one I created called "In A Dreamlike World" are closer to the top!

Click here to take a wander through my
Pinterest boards!

Next, we still eagerly await the announcement of our Dear Friend Vanessa's Mad Tea Party on her blog A Fanciful Twist!!  Oh!  It's so hard to wait for this one, but I'm turning all of that impatience into creativity and already have part of my blog post started!!!!  I can't wait to show you what I have planned for the festivities this year!!

And, finally, last, but by no means least, we find ourselves at Tuesday once again and if you have spent much time here, you know that means we are participating in Our Friend Colleen's Postcard Party at her blog Butterfly in the Attic!!  Sending a big "Thank You" to Colleen for being so nice and featuring my new Floral Bottlecaps Digital Collage Sheet in the party today!  In the spirit of encouraging summertime to finally come to this part of the world, I'm linking two of my collage sheets which include images of summer!  And because she brings us sunshine even on the rainiest of days, they both are sheets of images of Our Own Dear Paperdoll Daughter, Victorienne!

Keep watching for even more about Victorienne 
in some of my up-coming projects!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

News from The Tearoom...

Hello Again to you, Dear Friends,
It's been a busy time for Mr. V and I as we prepare to move this summer.

But I have found the time to develop some new digital collage sheets for Velvet Revived!  Here are the three newest designs:

And since it's Tuesday, of course I'm participating in my friend Colleen's Postcard Party today at her Butterfly in the Attic blog (where she very kindly has featured my Floral Butterflies Collage Sheet this week!).  Won't you please stop on by and check out the postcards there and if you sell postcards or something made with postcards yourself, won't you consider adding some links to your items there?  It'a a fun way to promote what you do!

And...that time is very nearly here again!  Our Dear Miss Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist is getting ready to announce her annual Mad Tea Party Blog Party!  We are so excited!  I say we because, well, someone will be having an adventure this year!  I won't say who, but I will give you three guesses!  Keep checking back here for more details!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Happy National Postcard Week!

Hello to you, Dear Friends!
Lots of Real Life things occupy my days, but I'm still working hard to keep My Life in The Tearoom up and running as well!

First, I would like to thank all of my Fellow Fans of Vintage Postcards a Most Happy National Post Card Week (May 4th-10th)!  In honor of this week, this is the postcard I designed:

I am participating in a postcard swap for the second year in a row with Colleen from Butterfly in the Attic and this is the design I am using for the postcards I will be sending out this week!

And, if it's Tuesday, you know it's the fun Postcard Party at Butterfly in the Attic as well!!  In keeping with the fun, eclectic feeling of my postcard, I am linking these fun collage sheets this week at the party:

Please don't forget to visit with us at the Postcard Party and celebrate National Post Card Week by sending postcards to your friends and family!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Portrait of a Circus Family

I haven't been able to participate in any of the collage challenges lately because we are in the process of packing all of our belongings real and imagined as we prepare to move!  I will still be doing my best to keep up on all of the goings-on in The Aether, but if you don't see me for a while, this will be the reason.

I'm happy that after much time of cleaning and organizing our house and putting it on the market to sell, I had time to participate in today's challenge on Sunday Postcard Art!  The prompt today was "Life is a Circus" and for some reason, this family of circus performers appeared in my imagination.

Today, I have used images from the following:  Itkupilli Imagenarium, Tumble Fish Studios and The Graphics Fairy.

Whew!  My work here is never done these days and now, along with more Real Life tasks, I also have a Mother's Day card to design and make for my mother-in-law as well as a design for some postcards I am making in honor of National Post Card Week!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Better Late Than Never (I Hope)...

Dearest Friends of The Tearoom,
Our Further Adventures in Real Life have kept me away a bit recently, but I didn't want to miss out in wishing all of Our Dear Friends a Most Happy May Day!

I do so wish we were all gathered together this evening in a café in Paris, nibbling on muguet macarons and drinking lime-blossom tea.

Here's hoping it it will be a lovely, creative and productive spring for us all!