Sunday, February 2, 2014

February Begins at The Gossamer Tearoom. . .

After having had a bad cold for a couple of weeks last
month, I'm getting back to my projects!

Once again, this year, I have sent some handmade Valentines
to the Brooklyn offices of Etsy.  They will be handing them out
to recipients of Meals-On-Wheels in the New York City area.

These are the Valentines we made this year.
(Mr. V helped me!)

I used square Stardream Silver envelopes,
rubberstamped with Brilliance ink in "Victorian Violet".
Mr. V hand-lettered the labels with a Gelly Roll pen
in "Metallic Sepia".

I printed out some of the valentines I made for my
backed them with violet paper and added
dark red organza ribbon to them so they can
be hung as an ornament!

We then signed the backs of them all,
put them in their envelopes and sent them away!
We hope they make some people's days brighter!

And, it just isn't enough that
Our Dear Valentine Sweetheart Victorienne
is making a journey to New York City,
she is also dressed up as her favorite
characters from one of her favorite stories,
Alice in Wonderland,
here, in my newest collage sheet,

Here is our little girl,
dressed as the bottle of liquid
labelled "Drink Me" that made
Alice small enough to begin
her adventures!!

Keep checking back
because Valentine's Day and February
are special times to celebrate,
here in The Gossamer Tearoom!


  1. Dear,dear Betty!

    Your little treasures are absolutely adorable!:)))*

    SOoooooo lovely and SO beautiful for Valentine day!

    Hope today is not so cold aanymore by you....
    Wishing you a very good week,dear friend:)*


  2. It is always a delight to see you here, Dear Violetta!
    Thank you for your good wishes. It isn't so cold, but we are supposed to be getting more snow again this week!

    Wishing you a good week too and sending biggest hugs,


  3. Ordinarily I'm not one for Valentines Day but I love that you've made cards to be sent out with the meals on wheels, it's such a lovely thing to do and I'm sure that you will have made some people very happy. :-)

  4. Dear Rachel!
    Thank you so much for stopping by! I have a bit of a soft spot for Valentine's Day myself (considering it happens only a few days after my birthday!).

    It's always so nice to see you!



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