Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Dollhouse at Night

Today, we take another tour of The Little House of Sometimes,
 this time, at night.
(The first two photos are ones that I took,
but the rest are the very creative work of my darling Mr. V!)

Charlotte Framboise, Evelynne Rose, Peanutbutter the Elephant
and Nutkin the Squirrel love getting toasty in front of
the fire in the upstairs sitting room.

The Kitty Family and The Doggie Family are snuggled around
the fire in the livingroom downstairs just before bed...

The little kitchen is done making tea and oatmeal and toast
for the day...

Everyone has gone to bed now...

It is quiet here now and even the embers in the fireplace
have gone out.

Upstairs in the sitting room, all is peaceful.

But, quietly, if we tiptoe... as not to awaken...

...two little girls are having sweet dreams...

...Oops!  It looks like we caught Charlotte Framboise still awake!

In the attic, all of the pets are cozy in their nests.

One last peek at the should-be-sleeping
Mademoiselle Charlotte!

Thank you for visiting us again!


  1. I hope I didn't leave any germs, but I so enjoyed this midnight visit. I have been sick for two weeks coughing and sneezing, and needed a quiet visit in a warm snugly place. Candles and fireplaces certainly make little places cosy and fun!

  2. No worries, Bill! I am so glad you were able to come to visit and get warm and toasty! I hope you will be feeling much better soon!



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