Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Christmas Eve Adventure...

Hello to you, Dear Friends!
Thank you for visiting with me here at The Tearoom on this lovely Christmas Eve,

Tonight, we take a special trip!  Victorienne has been such a good girl all year and so we have promised her a special Christmas trip!  Tonight, her Daddy and I take her on a special overnight trip by starship to Paris!

This is the photo her Daddy took of her just before
we left to go to the Aerodome by taxi.
Doesn't she look just adorable in her new
taffeta cape?
(Don't forget to click the pictures to see them a bit larger!)

We arrive at the Aerodome late at night to begin our journey...

Here is Victorienne, 
waiting patiently to begin her adventure!
As you can see, it has begun to snow...

When the time comes to go, 
her Daddy picks her up and carries her
as everyone boards the ship....

Her Daddy is so good to her and lets her have the window seat!
Thank you, Daddy!

The Starship Etoile is full of interesting people tonight!

Isn't it fun to see so many different people when you are travelling?

Of course this is the deluxe flight to Paris tonight,
so the dinner is catered by Dalloyau of Paris!

We start with these luscious amuse bouches,
Mini-Gaufres Salées
Artichoke with pepper sauce and black olive tapenade,
salmon gravlax with whipped cream and smoked salt,
chicken mousse and cream whipped with mushrooms,
all on mini waffle bites.

We then proceed to this,
as beautiful to the palate as it is to the eyes:
a delicate fennel mousse,
surrounded by tender asparagus and
topped with lobster.

And for dessert,
something absolutely fun,
but still pure Dalloyau style:
(Saint-Honoré Pops!)
The classic dessert Saint-Honoré,
puff pastry, filled with cream chantilly,
topped with melted caramel,
now made in miniature form and
served on a stick!

And to drink?
Of course, there is champagne for the grown-ups!
And for the little ones, orange juice with a splash
of grenadine in the bottom to make it festive!

(Be sure and click the arrow to watch the film!)

How lovely that we get to see this vintage film during our flight!  Victorienne is entranced by the dancers!  She asks me, "Mommy, when we get to Paris, will you buy me some scarves like that so I can dance in the snow in the Luxembourg Garden?"  How can I tell her "No"?  I know it is something she will want to show her dance teacher when she returns home from her trip!

Even though she might be too excited to sleep, I manage
to convince Victorienne that she shouldn't miss getting to sleep
in the sleeping compartment!
I tell her what my mother used to tell me,
"You don't have to go to sleep, just close your eyes."

She's not the only one too excited to sleep.
Her Daddy and I sit up all night, 
looking out the window of the starship.

Paris is sleeping under a blanket of snow as we land...

Victorienne does not wake up as her Daddy carries her into the hotel
and we put her to sleep in a bed in our City of Dreams....

On Christmas Morning, we wake up in a beautiful hotel.

Outside, the snow is still falling...

Inside, it is a warm and happy Christmas Morning!

Victorienne begins her Christmas Day with
a big mug of hot chocolate in bed!

We venture out of our warm and cozy hotel room,
The Luxembourg Gardens are not far away,
and so, dressed in our warmest clothes, hats and gloves,
we leave our footprints
in the fluffy snow.

Wisely, Victorienne has decided that it would just be too cold
to dance in the snow in anything other than her 
new flowered coat and purple gloves and beret!

Thank you for joining us on our Christmas adventure!
We are wishing you all a Christmas Eve
 and Christmas Day filled with magic!

Images used in the collages for today's post from
vintage postcards from my personal collection.


  1. Betty,dear Betty!
    Thanks a LOT for your always creative wonderful post!:)))
    I am totally in love with Victorienne....
    My dear friend!
    Wish you amazing Christmas and absolutely fantastic New 2014, filled with love,health and success:)))


  2. This was such a wonderful trip! I'm going to have to save my pennies now so I can travel to Paris in a starship. The food looked so spectacular, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to sneak down to the kitchen and find something to eat now. I might have to wait a minute, though, because my eyes are still twirling from watching those dancing butterflies. Wow. Victorienne must have been so excited to wake up in a bed in Paris. I bet she'll have pleasant dreams of her trip for a long time to come!

  3. Thank you, Violetta, for stopping by to say "Hello!". Wishing you a wonderful New Year!


    I hope you are feeling better now. I so appreciate your stopping by! I agree! A starship like this one would be the way to get to Paris!


  4. Victorienne, the "space-girl" is also VERY WELCOME to visit The Vintage Fairy Tales, we can guarantee her lots of great adventures:)
    Love your work Betty<3
    Happy New Year
    XX Becky

  5. Dear Becky,
    She is very happy to hear this, as she wants to hug all of the dear animal and doll friends at The Vintage Fairy Tales!!

    I'm so happy you visited with us today,



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