Saturday, October 12, 2013

Victorienne's Weekend

Hello to you, Dear Friends!
Our darling little Victorienne is such a good little girl!  She is so good all week, practicing her French pronunciation so diligently, making botanical drawings for natural science class, adding up numbers in neat little rows, taking her harpsichord lessons after school.  But on the weekends, she loves nothing more than to dress up!

Here she is in her collection of dresses showing scenes from Vintage Paris!!  They are some of her favorites and that's why I have chosen to post them in the Linky Party on Butterfly in the Attic!  Victorienne would love it if you would go take a peek at the other fun postcard-related items posted there!!

And here is what she has just been so excited to show you as well!
Little Victorienne loves Halloween as much as we do!  Here are some of the costumes she is considering for her Halloween Party!  What fun she is having getting to play dress up so much!

Keep watch for more Halloween festivities....

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