Saturday, October 19, 2013

So Many Parties!!

Hello to you, Dear Friends!
I am scrambling around The Tearoom, preparing for parties, parties and more parties!

First of all, please be sure and check out the Linky Party at Butterfly in the Attic !  Colleen is chatting about her love for linen postcards and it's one that I share!  I have posted two of my digital collage sheets made with linen postcards at the party today.

Another good thing to check out is this BNS too!  Colleen chose my Vintage Sepia Butterfly Digital Collage Sheet for the treasury she calls "The Harvest Moon"!

As some of you might know, I am the Mommy to a very sweet family of vintage dolls and stuffed animals.  They are so dear to me and I can't help but indulge them this time of year because they love Halloween so much!  First of all, they insisted that I let them play dress up, so of course, I had to capture these images in two new digital collage sheets on Velvet Revived.

This is the first sheet, showing how much fun they are having dressing up for Halloween....

...and this is the second one!

And, just remember, the Vintage Sepia Butterflies, both of the Halloween Spooky Doll Masquerade Party and Victorienne's Halloween Party are all on sale for just $2.00 each, for a limited time!

In more party news, the dolls have asked if they could have a party here at The Tearoom and now could I say no?  It will be your chance to meet them all, including a new member of the family as well! 

I will be posting the invitation for this party very soon!

And finally, we are waiting, as patiently as we are able, for the invitation to the party at A Fanciful Twist!!  

You should probably dust off your party hat, as it will be well used in the next few days!

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