Saturday, September 28, 2013

Here at The Tearoom, You Know We Love a Party!

Dear Friends of The Tearoom,
I hope all is well in your world.  Summer was too short.  I am happy we can meet up again here!

Colleen of The Pacific Postcard Team has started a fun new feature on her blog: A Linky Party!  If you love vintage postcards or art made with postcards like we do, please join us here!  Today, I am featuring these items from Velvet Revived:

This digital kit is the project that I talked about in my last blog post!
From my personal collection of vintage postcards of Paris,
I have made a kit that can be printed, cut out, glued together,
folded and either sent as a card in an envelope or
displayed on a windowsill, bookcase or mantlepiece!
It's like a trip to Paris!

This sheet of bottlecap images 
(one-inch circles you can use for bottlecap jewelry 
or in any other art projects) was made from
vintage postcard images of flowers, beautiful ladies and
children and other images!  I had so much fun making it
and I would hope it could bring some of that fun to
your next project!

This sheet is one I have chatted about before here,
but I'm excited to promote it at the Linky Party because
I created it exclusively from postcards I purchased from
Etsy shops that belong to people from two lovely
teams I am part of!  One is the Pacific Postcards Team
(thank you, Colleen!) and Forget Me Nots Daily Discoveries
(thank you Patricia and Marilyn!)

as October creeps ever closer
(it is the spookliest month of the year,
according to Mr. V!),
of course I am preparing
all manner of Halloween surprises
for you here at The Tearoom!!

(This image from Pinterest)