Friday, June 7, 2013

Tea With Hummingbirds...

Summers here in Maine are sometimes rainy, sometimes cold and always too short.  However, to their credit, they can be lush and beautiful and filled with life for the short time you are wearing shorts and t-shirts instead of jeans and hoodies.  The fact that hummingbirds come here for their summer vacation is just one of the things I love about this short, but glorious season!  We are very excited that they come back to us every year and even more excited that this year, the Mommy even has her teeny, tiny Baby come and eat too!

My mother bought a hummingbird feeder some years ago and that's the one I still use on the porch.  She also used to buy the pre-made hummingbird nectar, which isn't really very good for them due to the un-neccessary red dye which is added.  Also, they don't even like it very much (smart hummies!!).  So, I found the recipe for making the nectar yourself at home from the website of The National Zoo.  It's easy, not expensive to make and (here's the best part), they love it!  If you would like to try it, just click here.

So, now, if I am out on the porch having a glass of tea and I sit very still, I can hear them coming in for a sip of nectar and we can have our tea together!


  1. Betty,dear....

    I want too a little more Sunshine here in Holland:)*

    I'd like your new creation,ful of colors,combination of those two makes me realy happy!!!
    (Green& Violet)

    Wish you wonderful weeken,


  2. I love hummingbirds! I planted a trumpet vine that is huge now, and can't wait for it to blossom. The hummingbirds come and visit every day then.


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