Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Dearest Friends of The Tearoom,
May I introduce to you the newest member of The Gossamer Tearoom Family?   This is Victorienne!  She is a magical little girl and sweeter than strawberries in July!  She is my most recent digital collage project, made from vintage postcards and a vintage paper doll.  But she will soon be making her debut in the material world as I am currently creating art dolls, silk art brooches, banners, as well as digital collage sheets with her image, wearing her extensive wardrobe of adorable rompers and soon, I will be debuting all of these items in two of my Etsy shops, The Gossamer Tearoom and Velvet Revived!  Please check back later today as I will be debuting the first two digital collage sheets of images of our new little girl!

Victorienne is such a friendly little soul and she can't wait to meet you in person!


  1. Lovely, lovely Victorienne!
    Looking forward to see more of her and wishing you and yours Happy Easter,

  2. Hello,dear Betty!

    HOW speachless nice and sweet is this little Victorienne...........!!!

    I do adore these littlest fabulous things as a color and the little precious smile:-)))*

    Wish you fantatsic Easter day,my dear friend,days filled with serenity and Spring Sunshine!


  3. She is so very sweet!!! I love her <3


  4. Bonjour petite Victorienne ! tu es très jolie dans ta robe printanière et je suppose que ton 'papa' doit être fier et heureux de t'accueillir au Gossamer Tearoom ! Bisous


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